Last week when awakening from a restless night sleep I wasn't feeling very jubilant or refreshed.  Instead I was feeling a disconnect, a kind of apartness with myself.  My energies were not peaceful nor quiet.  I certainly did not like that sensation!  I immediately started analyzing these frequencies and asked The Brothers to guide me to where this disturbance in my consciousness was coming from.  Soon after I saw myself in a very large spacecraft hoverinAboriginesg over the planet Earth.  I was observing the native inhabitants of the planet.  They were aboriginal, actually less than aboriginal at that time.  They were dark skinned, naked, and animal like. When I saw this I immediately recognized what I had done and I felt so very very ashamed, so much so that I wanted to crawl under a rock to hide.  I had been responsible for interfering in the evolution of this earth world sentient species and the planet itself. It doesn't matter why I did what I did, what does matter is that inwardly I knew it was not right.

It doesn't feel good to be ashamed of oneself, but what I interfered in back then still followed through as energy does all these lifetimes, and caught up with me with a big slap in my face (consciousness)! I messed with genetics to try and make the species more adaptive to (we), the visitor from another star system.  We primarily used the Earth residents as slaves and they worshiped us as gods.  They knew no better. I'm not saying the Earth species was mistreated physically, I'm saying that at their stage in evolutionary understanding they did not have the capability to comprehend The Higher elements of who they were Spiritually, and were taken advantage of, that was not a right thing to do.

My lives arAborigines1e like a UFO3puzzle.  The more pieces that I'm able to put together, the bigger the picture becomes and the more clear everything is.  It may not always be a pretty piece that you pick up but once it is cleansed it will fit snugly and shine. I must always take responsibility for my actions past and present.

This lifetime that I viewed was very hard for me to watch, but I didn't look away.  I knew that I had to take in the whole enormity of what I did in order for me to release that guilt.  Another layer removed and I feel clean again.


I thank The Brothers for giving me the strength to view that lifetime and not crawl under the proverbial rock and hide.Being a Unarian with Unarius

Love and Light,



Submitted by: Lesley Heininger on 03/07/2014

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