I see the wall constructed of wood,
another of stone;
the chilling iceberg in darkness so deep
there is no ocean,
and the mystery that won't let me pass.
"Help me", I entreat, and I know,
I know,
I know the promise is fulfilled:
Call and we will answer.

"I'm not staying here
dragging these obstacles any longer..."
I keep saying that.
"I'll transcend the barriers,
even the daunting one".

"I'm not staying!
All listeners know I ask
why that wall is present so long--
the one more challenging than all others.

"You are ready", He tells me.

"I have been ready"! I say,
and the Brother drops upon my crown
flares from the lustrous, soothing Flame
that raze the slighter barriers.
I hear a humming sound
I've never heard before,
like horns in the distance...nothing more.
I love the sound. "I'm coming"!

My echo...and suddenly I see
beyond all the barriers but the mystery.

"Take me to the horn blowers"!

The Brother directs me,
I step up; the path behind me
crumbles, vanishes.
"No going back", I say.
He assists me
and I'm happy. I'm moving on!
I go upward, trusting;
the Brother greets me at the top.
I wake up in a tomb of a pyramid,
greet myself and rise,
exiting the chamber--
all in harmony with the horn blowers.
I step out
and gracious wings shelter me from the sun.

Submitted by: Naimah on 10/13/2017

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