"Turn left", he said.
I did
and came upon the fountain
he wanted me to see--
its flowing water clear, streaming.
"Welcome"! he chirped, and I felt so,
asking why the fountain wasn't gushing.

I did,
the fountain gushed;
it sprinkled me,
the one on my shoulder blushed
when I looked at him--
the chirping fledgling he once was,
singing a song of innocence.
"Did you do that"?

He looked away
when I looked at him,
then he was himself again.
I felt love and loved the joy between us,
A bird on my shoulder!

"Turn right", he said.
I did
and came upon the mirror
he wanted me to see--
Reflections in my eyes,
clear and streaming, beaming;
I hadn't fallen
the Light was on my shoulder!

Submitted by: Naimah on 09/27/2017

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