A lesson that I have been trying to fine tune, is bringing into focus while maneuverng from one plane to the next, a perfect clarity of what I attune to.

sea5On one of my latest excursions I found myself suspended high above this beautiful ocean of water. Although I was able to see the beauty of this ocean that I was gazing upon, it was like looking into a fine misty fog where I would squint my eyes to try and focus better. I knew that I needed to incept and get that attunement process within me fine tuned! I felt inwardly that now was the time to put what I have been schooled in into becoming a functioning part of me.

I heard myself saying as I gazed down on this vast ocean, "Come on, Come on, yoother world65u can do it, Come on a little more, There you go, your doing it". All of a sudden the ocean before me instantly became more and more clear, more beautiful until it looked like a diamond refracting into shade after shade of explosive burst of brilliant colors, and shafts of intense pure white light shot out in every direction conceivable. The depths of this ocean were clear and pulsated with a rhythm that was breathtaking and that pulsating became a part of me. I felt at one with this ocean.

I was so joyous at this accomplishment. Sometimes in my travels on the Inner, precise clarity escapes me, and I find that that just does not feel right to me. This was an accomplishment that I experienced a few nights ago, and I wanted to share. Not because of what I had learned to do, (which is important too) but because of the beauty that I was rewarded with so that I may bring it back and share with you.

I know I'll come across other planes that may appear foggy at first, but I'll learn to fiangel2ne tune those frequencies too into a clarity suitable to me.

country lane4After the clarity of the ocean had revealed itself, I glided to a most beautiful park, and as I stood taking in the beauty that surrounded me, I was greeted by this Magnificent Soul. This dear Soul, I knew was one of my teachers. We walked for a while on a golden path conversing about my recent accomplishment and He told me that this is just the beginning. Other souls, gave their greetings as we came upon them. As we continued upon this pathway it suddenly faded and I found myself greeting another morning in the physical.

Love and Light,


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