path1A little time had gone by since Tom and I conversed in the physical. Moments before I had awakened from my sleep state the other morning, I made a mental note to call him, and I also sent a mental hello to my brother saying,"I'll be in touch soon". Instantly I received his presence in my consciousness. He said,"I heard you, and a sweet good morning to you dear sister"! Well, I came out of my slumber, sat right up with a big grin on my face and started laughing.

My husband next to me started laughing because I was laughing right out of a sleep mode. He asked what was so funny. I told him that Tom greeted my morning with his presence and a very loud good morning. Tom has a powerful essence and those energies vibrate with frequencies that one has to be conditioned for. We continued to laugh for awhile because those energies brought through were uplifting and harmonious, so positive.

None of us are ever really apart are we!

Love and Light,


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