tree-branches4postJust contemplating a few thoughts in my garden as I look up at my tree and its many branches. I imagine a tree with an infinite number of branches and branches growing from those branches and on and on. These branches represent everything in the cosmos. It is a fractal and a vortexal form all at the same time with interweaving wave forms constantly gyrating into new waveform expressions.

This vortex forms a apex which is the finite or earth plane expression. For every vortex has an apex meaning in order to be Infinite the Infinite must also be finite in all forms and expressions. All moving dynamically re-expressing in new ways and forms based on harmonics and frequency. All things singing its song of Infinity.


There is no void or separation. Everything easily accessible by attunement instantaneously if one can so conceive.

Becoming aware and understanding the Science opens these doors to clairvoyance and development of spirit. There are no limitations.

Everything exists in the now that will ever exist in the future or that has ever existed in the past – we only just become conscious of it in our soulic travels into eternity.

Symbols become useless in describing that future eternity of polarization and development of Infinity as a personalized being we call our higher Superconscious Self.

With study and application of the principles, we grow. With service to others rather than self, we blossom knowing that we serve as our Brother’s Keeper.

We share this Truth and the Light as a way of giving rather than receiving so that we may be a beam to help others on their pathway for only than can we know what it truly is to be of service to the Infinite.

Submitted by: Gloria Lynn on 10/07/2014

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