As I continued with my studies through the years I endeavored to glimpse the inner worlds and I always listened closely to students who described their experiences there. I thought about the one experience I had prior to my discovery of Unarius, a self-described kundalini experience where I felt euphoria far in excess of the best sex I ever knew. But I wanted to see a garden, a classroom; I wanted to see Unarius.

higher beings4I had had fleeting glimpses of sitting in class a couple of times over the years but I wanted to see more. And then in 2008 my Father became very ill and I knew his time was near. Dad was basically a good man, very religious and a strict Catholic. He hated that I had left the church and that had come between us. As he was growing weaker I decided one night to have a little chat with my spiritual coaches. I asked if it would be possible to get my father into a school where he would have an opportunity to establish himself on a progressive evolutionary pathway. A few days later in dream state as I was waking up I glimpsed myself in a meeting with Uriel and my entire family present. All I brought of that into my consciousness was Uriel asking “Are you all happy now”? As I fully awakened I felt confident that my Father was soon going to school on the Inner.

Several weeks later I found myself in another dream. I was home, in the house I grew up in and I heard my Father, in the next room, dictating like he was writing a book. As I awakened from that dream I realized that my Father must have passed on and that I was present as he was dictating his akashic, that I was assisting him with that. That morning my Mother called and informed me of what I already knew. A couple of nights later I found myself somewhere on the Inner, sitting at a round table with my Dad and a younger brother. Tears were streaming down my Father’s face as he placed his hands on my shoulders. No words were spoken between us and none were needed. My brother informed me that the deeds had been registered and I instructed him to pick them up. I woke up and quickly realized that a part of me knew at least a little something about life in that inner dimension.higher beings6

I saw my Dad twice more after that, once in his humble little bedroom and one other time when I was receiving a healing treatment. I had decided to abstain from alcohol consumption and I believe an obsession was being removed. My Father was present for that event, something he never had time to do in our earth life during my athletic career. I awoke feeling at peace with thoughts of my Dad, something had been healed.

Weeks later, again in dream state, I found myself on the way to class, walking with a beautiful little Asian lady who had been an employee of mine at the Hertz Corp. She had always been so nice to me with a quick smile. I remember wishing she hadn’t been married. Perhaps a month later I found myself with her, again in dream state, sitting around chatting after class, spending tender moments together.  Upon awakening I realized I was learning about another life I was leading, a parallel life in another dimension, a life perhaps more real than this physical life I was so pre-occupied with. I am just starting to understand that this physical existence is an illusion, but I have so much more to learn about that. So, the adventure continues as I learn a little more each day about my little corner of the Infinite.

Gary Kainz

Submitted by: Gary Kainz on 11/06/2013

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