The landlord knocked on my door.

"You'll have to leave," he said,
citing some infraction of my lease
I had not committed.
I had seen him walking,
heard his footsteps in his dark corridor
long before he crossed the threshold of my door.
Long before I allowed him to
enter my presence,
I had seen him coming.

"You'll have to leave", his anger echoed.

Then a burst of Light in the Light I love!
I stepped Up into the Brilliance
and remembered the thought I had
when I first saw this dark one,
knowing nothing, walking:

"I won't be leaving Home.
There will be no eviction.
I am a Light-Bearer! I Love the Light."

I left the presence
of the agent of darkness
after he crossed the threshold of my door
and upon the new one
is 11:11!

Submitted by: Naimah on 12/21/2017

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