In reading the last several posts and comments,  the topic of Dreams appears quite frequently.higher world59   Since I don't recall any discussion by Dr. Norman on this subject,  I would love to get some input  about the purpose of Dreams and especially if you know,  how the whole process works.   In other words,  why do we Dream and where do Dreams originate from?   Is it the Subconscious,  the Mental Conscious,  the Superconscious,  or perhaps even Higher up?

Also,  it appears that Dreams  have multiple purposes and multiple interpretations.   In my own case,  my Dreams usually are trying to balance or workout some emotional experience I've gone through.   I can't tell you how many times I've gone back in Dream-state to our family business (the old Roman Fort) in trying to re-work and solve the conditions (I'd previously failed at) to make it successful.

Since we all spend about a third of our life sleeping,  what are your thoughts about the Dreams we have?

Submitted by: Ken on 09/16/2015

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