I did not enter the IT Security field willingly. After three years, each workday is not something I look forward to. To make matters worse, I was voluntold into a 6-day, eleven hours a day class to my detriment. I found it to be the most boring, tiring, sleep inducing, back aching environment imaginable enough to bring me literally to tears and a unshakable desire to run away. At the same time, I was helping a student get a new computer and wirelessly connect its keyboard, mouse, and video to a remote viewing screen. Unbeknown to me, both were relevant to a past event.

To every reaction, there is an equal and opposite action, so I fought off unbearable doldrums and sought to figure out why I felt this way. The past was right under my nose, but I had nothing. Then last night, day five of class, I had a dream that clarified this past event. Though I woke up three times, it continued where it left off.

laser-beamI was in this abandoned wooden building far from the city doing covert things. I betrayed two dearly beloved students, took sensitive information confided to me, and planned to pass them on to an opposing faction. I split the information into five separate transmissions, took each part and encoded it, rotated the data into off-sequenced blocks, encoded it again, then inserted the coded data into a pink laser’s light stream in such a way that the data's light pulse energy dips were barely detectable. I transmitted each segment daily for five days until done. Then, I fled the city, took up residence in a far off colony, and was never heard from again. By the way, my back pains ... gone.

To all students involved, my sincerest apologies for contributing to activities that never lead to progress, knowing that factions are not the way of the Infinite but the ego trying to bend creation to its finite interpretation thereof. Mind over energy is the harmonic tuning fork that determines a common dimension for resonant intelligences, so where the mind is therein you are … tell me what thoughts you are with, and I’ll tell you where you've been and are.

Submitted by: Roberto on 10/28/2016

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