IMG_20160615_035608083 The red cardinals were flying High again,
but before they lifted their wings, Ipsy had asked,
"Should you be allowed to go?"
Conversing with Faron, he hadn't noticed the purple, velvet bird
descending, projecting spiraling globes of blue Light
that was happily received by the Friends, particularly Faron.

"The last time you went out," Ipsy said,
"you returned with your feathers combed back."

"The zesty wind got in my feathers while I was snuggled
behind the taxi-top sign with my bird-legs crossed.
You can't blame me for what the wind does!"

"But you flew out, then you went sight-seeing in a taxi!"

"The flight exhausted me," Faron asserted,
"I was younger then, and I went alone.
Had I not told you the story, you wouldn't have known."

"But, Faron, you slid off the taxi, as if you had no wings.
You slid down the back window and the strange lady inside shouted,
"Did I just see a red bird?"

"When the driver made that quick turn, I forgot.
But after that I flew into the window, pecked the driver and got his attention!"

"Then your tail tickled his nose and he sneezed."

"But he didn't blow me away!"

"You stayed in the taxi. You didn't even try to fly home."

"And I fastened my seat belt,
and when I got home,
I paid the driver with sweet, red cherries!"

"But what did I say to you before you left the nest?"

"You said, 'If you see Dilly, say 'Peace' for me'"

"Not that, Faron!"

"Not that?"


"Oh, you said that Dilly might have a ladybug's spot in her eye because they slap her with one when she pecks them, but Dilly can't see the spot because it's IN her eye.

But, you didn't mention the shimmering Pond and the hammocks for relaxing and the stones and the pergolas for sitting and the birds resembling stately herons, drinking, and adorning aquatic plants and beautiful sloping hills and Harbor Moon, always in perigee, hanging in splendor with its majestic Light casting more Light and PEOPLE! Throngs of people, of all ages, from all facets of life and different places and the Love of the Infinite..."

The Friends cheered and welcomed Faron who was leaving the nest for the second time!

Submitted by: Naimah on 06/15/2016

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