A fountain stands firm amid budding gifts of earth,
it's spiraling waters many beheld wonders do stir.
Surrounding gardens dance to its flowing waters,
colorful songbirds gather and enrich by its life-giving offers.

The fountain flows, asleep or awake, night or day,
its base collects and replenishes from springs atop with spray.
Waters rise high until they thin, but not enough to reach cloudy wings,
for these must return and make their presence stand
for a time of springs, many wondering eyes, and other living things.

Like many others, from clouds its waters once came,
without clouds never could eyes their sights tame.
Thus flows the fountain unto its timeless winters,
when its waters invisibly cease and freeze its living whispers.

Come spring, waters revitalize and flow anew,
once more clouds bring fresh waters due,
gardens revive with dew,
songbirds gather and new wonders pursue.

Thus will the fountain stand,
seasons its waters weave into strands,
until its spirals fade into opalescent mist,
and cloudy wonders its radiance befit.

Among welcoming cloudy realms and voiceless callers,
heavenly gardens shall dance to its glowing misty waters,
sparkling skybirds gather and enrich by its Light-giving offers,
an eternal fountain of Light shall cast it without shadows upon its base,
and never again shall winters diminish its scintillating grace.

Submitted by: Roberto on 07/23/2016

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