In this present lifetime I came across and befriended a young man who was disabled and on social security; he felt he could not live as others were living because of his disability.  He had been paralyzed and bed-ridden for 10 years because of his crippled legs, yet he desired to be productive and learn a trade so that he too could live as others around him lived.  At the time I was teaching classes to prepare people to become licensed so that they could prepare income taxes in order to sustain themselves.  He, with the aid of a walker, attended one of my classes and proved to be the most advanced student in the class.  Upon graduation, I asked him to work in my office with me which he did for very short hours (2-3 per day). We became close friends.  When I re-located he followed me and I took care of him. It was as if he were a family member...perhaps a brother.  I felt responsible for him. Using Unarian principles it later became apparent why I felt this responsibility.

In a past lifetime he had been my brother and my responsibility.  He had never wanted me to leave him. One evening when I was going out with another young man, he ran after me to try to stop me from going.  Unfortunately, he slipped and fell beneath the carriage wheels and he became paralyzed.

You see, we were re-living that lifetime in the present life.  Once realized, I was able to be free from the guilt of the past. Today we each live our own separate lives without guilt . We remain friends, but independent friends.  Thank goodness for Unarius and the ability to understand and overcome the karma we have created in the past and to understand that we must be cautious at all times about the karma we are currently creating , both good and bad.

Submitted by: Shirley Hibbs on 08/23/2013

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