Healing Candle of Light Greetings Everyone!

I would like to share a beautiful dream I had recently involving Unariun students presently on the earth plane and those whose spirits have moved on, gathered on behalf of a fellow student.  On the Inner, in our dreams in higher states of consciousness, we are all one.

As I "popped in" so to speak for my evening dream-state classes at Unarius University, I was walking (or rather floating) along a lovely garden pathway filled with brilliantly colored flowers, so alive and visibly swaying to the aerial rhythms all around. I came upon a student (Gary) who was sitting on a marble bench, reading. We walked together and met up with my dear sister, Lesley, then joined other students all en route to the Unarius University Temple (my term for it). Walking (floating) into the temple auditorium, I saw Tom/Cosmon at the front and knew he’d be conducting this evening’s session. Behind Cosmon, there was what I can only describe as a curtain of living, breathing Light, golden-white and tinted blue.  Beautiful yet simple in its elegance. The Light then encircled the room; it was the Moderator, the Brotherhood, the Infinite all around us.

There were so many students, so many souls gathered, many I recognized and others I did not readily recognize because I have either not seen them in many earth years or have not yet met them this lifetime. Also in attendance were many students I knew who made the transition and are no longer on the earth plane, including Helen Moore, Dorothy Ellerman, Stephan Yancoskie, David Keymas, Decie Hook, Gordon Hook, Hugh Taunton, Gordon Jenkins, Irene Jenkins, Arthur Reed, John (whose last name presently escapes me, an artist who transitioned young), and others whose names may come to me as I reflect more on my dream.

Upon awakening, the impression of what had transpired was crystal clear to me: All these souls were gathered for one universal purpose that evening, to extend love and healing energies to a dear fellow student, Dennis McNabb.

So clear was it to me that I briefly saw the image of Dennis (who I have not physically seen since the 1980s) surrounded by a blue-white light. I instinctively knew that all the students gathered in my dream, and in particular all those students who had transitioned, were focused on sending healing energies to Dennis. The impression I received so clearly was that whenever the time comes for a transition, they will be waiting to welcome him, as indeed they are waiting with the Brothers to welcome all of us, with unconditional Love and Light. A beautiful feeling of peace and harmony prevailed.

It is not very often that I have such detailed recall of a gathering like this on the Inner, so I knew the dream needed to be shared here, and in the sharing, we all benefit. Hopefully, this can also be relayed to Dennis, a dear fellow student in need of healing energies. The Love of the Infinite is there for him!

The rhythmic song of the ageless Infinite
    Universe, shall be heard in unison
    with our melodies.
Yea, and there will be others, countless and
    without number, who are likewise
    plucking immortal melodies from their
    harp of Wisdom.
A grand and unified symphony which rises
   and swells with the heartbeat of
   the Infinite Creator.
~Ernest L. Norman, excerpt from Truth-Bow

(Note: For the image for this post, I took my own photo of a lit candle, added a blue tint and an overlay of stars.)

Love and Light to all,

Submitted by: Madilyn Leonard Benrubi on 06/14/2014

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