Image taken from My parents actually met as students of Unarius, so while I was growing up, they didn’t assign me books to study or anything, but answered questions I had about life with concepts from Dr. Norman’s teachings. So my foundation when I finally started studying Unarius books on my own was better than I could have hoped for, as I didn’t have to tear down pre-existing foundations that would have been implanted by a religion or a material-based understanding.

After reading through the Voice of Venus, I started in on Tempus Interludium. One evening, I read a little, became sleepy, and set the book down to go to bed. I came in and out of sleep, having strange dreams of things like riding in a car, but then the car would go out of control.

Then I remember dreaming that I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, and a flood of information was flowing into me. I was writing the information onto the mirror with a marker as quickly as I could. Then suddenly, I felt someone slap my back, hard, and the feeling jerked me awake. I could still feel the residual sensation of being hit, and my first thought upon waking was that something like a lamp had fallen on me, but I was lying on my back!

The air above me was shimmering like heat waves coming out of an oven, and I felt more than heard this strange humming sound. There was also a pressure pressing against my chest and the side of my face, holding me down.

I first tried to envision a great light protecting me, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. I then physically pushed myself up, trying to get into a sitting position, and it was like moving through thick starch. As I put my arm behind me to help push me up, I felt like a hand wrapped around my wrist. I continued to struggle against it physically, and in an instant the feeling was gone, I was completely awake, sitting up, moving normally, with no humming, pressure or waves.

I was more unsettled than afraid, and this was helped by the inherent knowing that such a thing would feed off of fear. I hurriedly grabbed a journal and started writing down what had happened. In the middle of writing the account, my dog, who was curled up on the couch next to me, asleep, started making noises like dogs often do when they’re dreaming. Except that she sounded panicked and upset, more so than I’d ever heard her.

I called her name and put my hand on her, and she came awake instantly. Then I felt an intense pressure on my face for a few seconds, and it went away.

To shorten the account, that wasn’t even the last time that happened that night, let alone for the next several months. I would often be visited by this entity. I would either come awake from a strange dream and feel it there before it pressed down on me, or I would feel its presence through twinges in my muscles as I fell asleep, while it waited until I was in an unconscious state to attack.

It launched me into earnestly studying as much as I could, trying to learn what this thing was and how to get rid of it. I asked Kevin, a Unarius student my parents knew in California, and he said that it was from someone in this life that I know now.

At one point, my dad said he felt like it could be his doing. That didn’t make a lot of sense to me, and my dad has often tried to make things about him, even when they’re not, so I discounted it.

It wasn’t until several months later when I met the Unarius teacher I’d been searching for, in the form of Tom Miller, that I truly began to understand it. He helped me to gain some perspective, and so did my mother, while neither directly told me who was doing it.

I came to realize that while consciously my dad has never been anything but encouraging about my studies of Unarius, there was some part of him that was intensely jealous and resentful that I was moving into a higher spiritual state while he was currently stagnant in the material world.

This is no doubt a deeply rooted issue, stemming back into lifetimes where I swore allegiance to the entity who is now my father. My evolution was perceived by that part of him as breaking that allegiance, and he sought to hinder me.

The ironic thing is, if I hadn’t been attacked, repeatedly, like I was, I wouldn’t have jumped so fully into my study of Unarius. By attacking me in jealousy, he helped motivate me to better myself and overcome his influence.

Only a few times since my realization of the cause have I felt the entity’s presence, but my recognition of who it was neutralized its power over me, and it dissipated. I’ve also discussed the situation with my father, and we’ve come to an understanding.

I want to say to all you students who are setting out on your path to Truth, that in so doing you will draw to you dark forces. Forces that you have tied to yourself through many lifetimes. And as you rise above yourself, you will drag these things to you, and the karmic chords of energy linking you must be severed if you are to continue to rise.

Submitted by: Forrest on 09/09/2013

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