On June 2018, I began work at an open pit copper mine in Morenci, AZ. In my department, I have 29 employees that work in the mine fixing production communication equipment. Safety is a huge concern due to all the hazards involved in mining. From the beginning, I felt I was sending my staff into hazardous tasks, possible injury, and even death if they were not careful, always had that uncomfortable feeling and responsibility.

For six months, I dealt with these feelings, as well as some individuals that were not, shall we say, stellar mouthpieces or of refined attitude. Time passed by until last night. I was working on Legacy Episode III trying to describe a vision I had of Tiwanaku in Bolivia and clothing used then that was similar to "Roman soldier" trousers. I started mindlessly looking for Roman trousers until something told me; "You are reliving." What it was, I had no clue other than it had something to do with Roman Gladius swords and fighting.

The following morning, I went to work and a tall burly employee gave me the uneasy impression of being a non-hesitant killer. Seven hours later, a picture of the mine pit came to mind and immediately it was replaced with an image of the Roman Colosseum. Then, I knew.

These employees, and others to still come in the future, were my gladiators, and I would send them to fight in the arena ... to make me money. Matter of fact, as I was sharing this realization with someone else and describing the dangers of working in a mine, the following statement slipped out of my mouth suddenly, "Yes, and there are dangerous animals in there too!" Animals, in a mine? Or, in the Colosseum? That sealed the deal for me right there.

Only one of my employees is open to reincarnation and is studying now. The rest are slowly coming around without my doing, but through their knowledge that I wrote the Legacy episode series, they have now come upon Unarian shores and are "looking" into the science. My job now is to keep them safe and protected. The tables have indeed turned.

Submitted by: Roberto on 01/09/2019

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