No turning back The last few days, I've felt what I can describe as "elevated," or in an environment rather difficult to describe, for earthly words cannot fully paint a higher canvas of expression mandating causal experiences that make our life experiential. Anywhere I look, I feel like a foot off the ground and surrounded by an incredible network of pulsing, spiraling forces and constant flashes of strong lights of every color, but mainly blue, pink, and yellow - and yes, my Glaucoma pressure levels (15) are normal and not the cause, had that checked 🙂 These lights "touch" my vessel when they flash, I feel them like a soft, powdering cushion with a slight energy bearing, gentle, and loving beyond comprehension, making the heart jump with joy, the body quiver with emotion, and watery eyes that swell like summer rain clouds. It's a feeling that never leaves, and one recalls forever like some emotive, inspiring, symphonic rhapsody.

I no longer experience such life-consuming dread for my thoughts, desires, and negative urges, and gladly share them with the Brothers without shame and an open heart the instant these arise, allowing principle and virtue to feed them from our Masters of Light. May I feel greater respect for future righteousness, love for all things, and understanding for the evolutionary development of others, rather than displeasure or judgment - and that applies to myself as well, perhaps the one individual I've ceaselessly haunted with intolerance the most to the point of death. My heart is in love with Love, and Love is all I need, for Love and beauty is everything. What else is there to want?

I thank the infinite Brotherhood for "hooking me up", and helping me understand the reasons for my own mental burial, if I can call it that, for my thoughts I brutally hid from myself out of shame and lost I was, squashing truth from both ends - inside, and out. I've come to realize that I was a "wanna be," a fake, someone wanting to rise to the top without really following all the appropriate steps - much less, higher purpose. Insecurity and incompetence placed my efforts and labors into the hands of others whom I emulated with moving thrill, but took advantage of my every weakness and lust for power. I became frustrated and vengeful at my inability to attain darkened dreams, leaving behind a trail of selfish tints in the lives of others, and saddening casualties in the pages of galactic history - all because I blindly abandoned love and truth; well, be it no more. Power was lodged in my crosshairs with no desire to let up, and while I'm by far not yet free, I'm highly inspired to keep going forward by the love I now see.

Let Love be my goal, let me selflessly help rescue what was lost in the lives of others and bring rebirth in the pages of history. Let healing be in my crosshairs, let it reach way down into my heart. Let there be Light, and let I someday help bring it. Let there be Love, and let I someday live in it. The Love I barely comprehend, I share, with thee. Let us then, be as one and, be free.

Submitted by: Roberto Gaetan on 01/11/2014

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