Our meetup has been going strong for about a year and a half now and we pick up new members every so often. We have a little over fifty members and look forward to continuing to add new members. So I am posting this article in the hopes that others will not only start but be successful at their own Unarians United meetups wherever you may be in the world.

These are suggestions at making your meetups as successful as possible:

First, when creating your meetup site, be sure to add plenty of photos because when a person searches for new meetups, these photos will be the backdrop. The more the better. Perhaps inner world artwork as a photo album.

Be sure that your description covers all subject matter as a search will key on these as possible topics that a new member may be interested in.

Every once in a while change what "We're About:" and be sure to use the maximum number of possible subjects that you are allowed to use.

Under "Pages" and "Discussions" always add new topics as they come up. Under your "More" tab use the resources Meetup provides under "Promote." All of these are important because they show that you care so "they will care."

Use the flyers created under "Promote" and post wherever you think there may be an interest. New Age stores, gatherings, bulletin boards, etc.

Advertise under Craigslist in the "Classes" and "Events" sections especially when just starting your meetup.

Let family and friends know and tell them to all bring a friend. Stress to everyone that your meetup is "FREE!" Did I say stress that it is "FREE!"

Meet with other meetup organizers and ask if it is okay to let their members know about your meetup and that they in turn can come to your meetup and do the same as long as the subject matters are relevant (like a Physics or Past Life group, etc.)

The most important thing of all and I can't stress this enough is to always make sure that you have one meetup scheduled at all times. No one will be interested in joining if you have no meetup scheduled. Even if your meetup is just once per month, always make sure that a meetup is scheduled. VERY IMPORTANT! Again I can't stress this enough.

And don't worry if just one person shows up. That is one person and believe me when I say your meetup will grow. You must have faith that those who were meant to be touched by Dr. Norman's works will be touched. They will be there. They won't be if you never give it a chance. Even if you give one book away to an interested person, that is reaching one person and is well worth it.

At our Mars meetup, we had ten people and the newbies all had a chance to pick their own book and they were delighted, interested and enthusiastic. It made me very HAPPY!

Also too, remember that by being the meetup facilitator, you are going about the Father's business. We are reliving the past in the present, and in the future, we will be reliving the present so if you are teaching concept to others then you can bet in your future you will be polarizing this, what you are doing now, even if it is only for one person. But remember if you build it, THEY will come.

More Suggestions:

Always have a complete set of Unarius books (core curriculum), (I have at least two of every book), available for attendees and let them pick whatever they feel drawn to.

We have presented the DVDs of Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation, one lesson per class with discussion afterwards. It is a great format, then for the Advanced Lesson Course, we will listen to the CDs. Afterwards we always have a great time with interactive discussion, questions and answers, etc. Sometimes we have to employ our talking stick because it can get so exuberant.

Anyway I hope these suggestions can be helpful in some way should you ever start your own meetup. I highly recommend that YOU DO wherever you are because this is just one more way we can polarize the very much needed Science of Unarius on earth and spread the Truth and the Light. I see it as a way of planting seeds so they may, in the future, grow into beautiful trees, be fruitful, and multiply, for every seed you plant is important even if it's just one.

Submitted by: Gloria Lynn on 01/26/2015

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