At times, I act like a mindless driver cruising down a toll booth at 100 mph and throwing toll fees into the air 5 miles down the road, well past the toll booth. In much the same manner, I'm a victim of delayed response. I think, act, and experience life activities at 100 mph, eventually finding out way down the road what past event influenced me to act accordingly.

One such experience in particular has everything to do with withholding truth from others fearing repercussion. It took a while to confront and see the causing past energy responsible for this.

October, 2017 has been most trying and fiend.
Persecution's unfounded drum beat against truth,
loud and hurtful to one's ears,
continues to sound-off from times both afar and near.
Though thousands years have come to pass,
that drum I still hear.
Ravens and buzzards circle loudly overhead
assured of certain cadavers for a feast.
The earth trembles from their loud beaks,
their hunger blinding them from hope derailed,
their Light long disbelieved.

These creatures, ignorant of their ways,
are slowly being consumed by inner beasts,
rebelling against the hand that rocked their spiritual cradles
and placed the Lamp of Truth before their feet.
Fraudulent and scandalous their adorned nesting grounds stand,
though inside proudly stands an extinguished trampled lamp.
'Tis the last time they shall have a lamp on this earth land.
No beauty or peace afford whence minds and hearts implore,
only avarice in hands, deception in lips, and reliving in fore.

For the longest time, I've dreaded visiting Constantinople, now Istanbul, feeling I'm going to get killed there. This morning, I was working on compiling the history of world-wide beliefs in reincarnation and the events that led to its almost complete banishment by religious authorities. In the process, I suddenly dropped in my chair, everything around me faded, and I saw myself overlooking the Bosphorus Straits from the western part of the city, inside an old stone building perhaps some four stories high and possibly three miles from it. I dreaded leaving the building because of persecution against my belief, reincarnation. I had exposed corrupt religious beliefs and hostile leadership and would pay the price wherever I sought refuge.

No sooner, a recent menacing legal grievance hunting for and neglectful of the Lamp of Truth broke into my mind, the work of starved beasts swirling determinedly in skies above much like a spiraling dark funnel cloud of vampires descending. I instantly recognized who these hunters were and why they tirelessly persecuted the Lamp of Truth and corrupted it through the ages, the Light of Shamballah, Lemuria, Atlantis, Osiris, Akhenaton, Jesus, and many others until present day.

I realized some of the motives behind writing Legacy, radio interviews, and why I was so interested in reviving reincarnation in the minds of the populace. I was “exposing” these birds of prey, but likewise trying to retract once trouble came my way—but it was too late. Back in Constantinople, the hunt for residues of reincarnation belief gathered fuel in those days and Justinian, as well as those that followed him, would lend no mercy toward decreed mercenaries of the faith, heretics, and whistleblowers, at times requiring no evidence whatsoever.

The ruthless hunt gave birth eventually to the fatal Inquisition and, in more recent times, religious revivals withholding even more truths, watering down doctrines, and fabricating prophecies to intimidate even the wary.

Hold tight to the Lamp of Truth, hold tight to it, make it your own. Stray not unto swirling darkened skies where fraudulent beasts seek to strengthen their numbers and once more smite celestial gifts whence this earth cradle is swayed.

Submitted by: Roberto on 11/05/2017

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