Dear Tom, The Gate Keeper,

Hi. Sometimes I can just read the Unarius material and hope that I'll figure out whats being said but I'm stuck. I just finished the Voice of Hermes and enjoyed it immensely however, with Orion I am having trouble with the concept of balance in my everyday life.

Page 713,"The balance which should be maintained, is somewhere in the position of relationship between the elements of the negative and the positive, formulating in your own minds and acquiring as your daily philosophies, the proper relationship of these different polarities of the negative and positive."

Another passage, page 715, talks of the individual being subject to the "..large order of the structures in the harmonic relationships of the generic forces of the Universe about him. (magnetic fields)

I am missing how to put these things into my daily thoughts or awareness. If you have any examples with these concepts or even harmonics (one of many things I seem to understand when reading but fail to know how to integrate into my daily life). I am having trouble with a family member in the house and I need to just not react but help him by maintaining a balance between being a door mat and positive influence.

I know, it's a lot! Any insights would help greatly.

Sincerely yours,


Submitted by: Courtland Moore on 03/13/2014

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