I'll be Back!

No, I'm not the "Terminator"!Earth1

Okay, a show of hands, how many of you think you don't need to return to the physical world?

I can't begin to tell you how many people tell me they don't need to return. I just smile and say "good for you!"

Well, I'm not one of those perfect people. I need and want to come back for many reasons.

I want to see how things are doing, I want to make a difference and I want to clean myself up. I have more to contribute. The physical world is the only dimension where I have a chance to resolve the issues I've accumulated in previous physical incarnations. I have no idea of the opportunities (relivings) I've yet to encounter.

Did you know there's no limit to the number of dimensional planes? That which we refer to as the "Inner" is but one stop in the infinite waterfall. It's hard enough to comprehend the "Inner" let alone the "Inner-Inner", etc. Just as in school, you are always graduating to the next grade. Remember how you felt when you moved from first grade to second? Wow, those First-graders just don't know anything! And, man, those third-graders are so much smarter than me, I'll never be able to learn what they know.

Karma1It never stops! I'm always ahead of someone and behind someone else. Even in my employment it continues, the old job was child's play and the new one I'll never figure out, but eventually I do.

We crave stability but I've never seen it last long, something always shakes my tree and I fall on my head, probably just the wake-up call I needed.

The next time you think you don't need to return to the physical world stop and ask yourself why.

We all get disappointed with ourselves or the world around us. Have faith, you've come so far from being an amoeba, don't give up now!

Never give up, never surrender!

I think this is a quote from a Sci-Fi movie, "Galaxy Quest".


Submitted by: Stephen Anderson on 05/25/2014

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