From a vision experienced back in 2016:

The time was 125,000 BC. The Lemurian space craft development project moved forward at full speed at an engineering complex built some distance from the city. Here, Lemurian engineers studied, designed, and tested different components of space flight technology.

A large parcel of land was cleared in the forest where housing segments were erected. Next to them, two large rectangular engineering buildings three-floors high were constructed. Surrounding the complex, security fencing was laid out and electronic surveillance robots put in place.

I led the engineering teams, but I was an immature scepter. Being Martian, Lemurians resented having to answer to someone not of their own kind. Also, given my previous lack of tact with these individuals, Lemurian interests and ways, and coupled with an overall feeling of Lemurian inferiority, engineers did not take my leadership kindly … already despised for being vocally opposed to Lemurian lifestyles.

Days after the engineering staff began work in their new complex, a severe storm was forecast for the area. A young engineer responsible for security and these robots expressed concern for the robots left exposed to the storm, but I chose to leave them where they were in spite of strong protest from this individual who by now had gathered a large following all too willing to assume control of the project. This was seen as careless on my part.

The storm came and went, but no harm came to these robots. Angered by my previous decision, already mounting distaste for who I was, and my previous vocal antagonism, this young engineer wasted no time spreading accusatory rhetoric to discredit me in every way possible. This went on for some time but I did nothing about it. Though, when his following began to likewise stir dissent much as he was, I called him out in what would have been my office which was out in the open with no privacy, indicated to him the negative nature of his actions, and dismissed him from the project. I should have pointed the finger at myself first but failed to practice principle.

Engineers watched what I did in shock, felt that Martians had taken over their lives, and feared for their jobs. My carelessness added negativity to an already delicate situation that, in time, played itself out against Martians. The young engineer, though upset, left without saying a word. Years later, reinstated by Lemuria as an engineer, he became a voice against the Martian mission which led to political unrest over which faction would control the Lemurian space craft fleet … eventually, those who assumed control, those I angered, turned these space craft against Mars.

In that life, I had an opportunity to let people express freely and be accountable, but I stifled that. I had no tact, voiced judgment against universal law, and shared personal information with others without their consent. If I've had a problem to overcome in this life, that has to be it.

Submitted by: Roberto on 06/23/2017

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