In going through the Voices of the different Centers, I felt the need to pause and concentrate on the different images. I was amazed how much I had skipped over with general impressions only. When I took the time, they seemed to speak to me! Impressions, ideas spiritual stairway1, etc. For instance, when I saw the Spiraling Staircase, the concept of Spiritual evolution and devolution came to mind seeing people traveling both ways on that Frequency-shaped Staircase ... and the Love of those Angels offering guidance and encouragement to them.

I have only just begun, but I imagine there is a different 'Voice' speaking from each Center and individually to each of us. If you have had these experiences too, and would care to share them, please do! So many of you can personally relate to these Inner Planes ... and I would thoroughly enjoy any insight you could bring to these beautiful images!!! ... Love and Light ... Ken.

Submitted by: Ken on 10/01/2015

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