Well, herein is the lesson that I needed to integrate.

I did not integrate within me the how and why of my ability to see a soul(s) fade in or out upon his or her arrival, or sitting upon a bench in a classroom, or walking and talking while strolling through a garden on one of these Centers. And another thing of importance is that these buildings can and do accommodate thousands upon thousands of souls at all times and yet there is never overcrowding.  When you look around you see that a soul just faded out and another took that space instantly, and this same thing transpires non-stop. I talk about frequency relationship all the time and yet this one slipped by me.

I've spent who knows how many thousands of years in classes upon these Beautiful Worlds of Light and continue to be humbled by how much I do not know. Believe does take thousands of years to go from one level to the next, and remember, there are thirty three on these particular Seven and each level vibrate in unison with the Seven so that you will not go to a frequency you are not compatible or familiar with.  I've digressed a little.....anyway that fading in and out was that soul vibrating to a level to where they need be for instruction, healing, or whatever their need be at that moment.  They are vibrating from one Center to the next, from one classroom to the next, etc. via frequency(dimensional) relationship.

Well, I finally had a complete recognition of the whole and it was instantly integrated within my consciousness.  There is no limit to the frequency spectrum.  The harmonious interplay in these Spiritual Realms is beyond my being able to put into words at this time, but I can assure you, that as I write these words, I'm seeing colors that ride these frequencies that I have no word for.  When I had that integration recently I felt myself move forward in a way that made me very aware of another door within that Mansion of our Father.  When I am ready and worthy I'll step through that door into something new and exciting, this I do know for I have had a glimpse of what is beyond and it has been promised me.

It must be mentionedspirit5 that while in conversation with this other student, it was He who triggered the integration within me. He does this from time to time and I understand that this has been set up from the Inner by He and I.  This is important for not only now but for the future that is to come. It is this same student who greets me often on the Inner Worlds of Light, and then we turn together,  take three steps and walk into this Pure Radiant Light.   I have not seen beyond this Pure Light that we step into, but I'm sure without a doubt that it is a most Beautiful and Wondrous Realm.  When I am ready, I will see.

With all the Love and Light that I have, I bestow it unto this Dear Brother of Light.


Submitted by: Lesley Heininger on 03/28/2014

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