Well, a version of this poem has been with me since about 11:00 p.m. last night, and it made me laugh out loud. I texted it to my son at the fire station,  and he reminded me of how strange I am! I've changed it a number of times, during the course of the day and finally became satisfied. In working it out,  I've seen myself ascending and happy, though right now, I'm not sure what this light verse means. I asked if I should submit it for posting; suddenly there was a pulse in my heart chakra, and I felt hands all over my back and head, pushing me out of the kitchen to my computer.

Sandorindu'ipsy is a woodpecker in my higher consciousness, whom I first encountered about four years ago in The Bright Spot Harbor.  The woodpecker wants to be called just Ipsy, not his whole name! Marlin, a man (with his wife) visiting the Harbor for the first time, chooses not say Ipsy, because he finds the bird obnoxious!  I'm pleased to see Ipsy again.  ENJOY!


Marlin said,

And Ipsy pecked him

On his head.

Then Marlin said,

"Bird, you pecked me on my head!"

"Just Ipsy, please," Ipsy said.

"But, you pecked me!"

Marlin said.

Ipsy thought,

"What Marlin said..."

"Sandorindu'ipsy?" Ipsy said.

Then he pecked Marlin

On his head!



Submitted by: Naimah on 09/10/2015

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