“’Tis one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall.” - William Shakespeare This piece has two parts to it. The first is a stumbley composition of various thoughts I was unconsciously attempting to establish a continuity for. It’s a grab-bag, so to speak, of the development of the ego for any earth man, as well as my personal applications of these principles in my past, and influences from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

That sounds weird, and it is, but following a week wherein I’d studied a great deal more than usual, then watched that Planet of the Apes movie, had a restless night of my own demons plaguing me, and then woke up I felt inspired to start writing, and that’s what came from it.

So ignore how often I reference being a simian. I probably just liked that movie too much. However, it does seem to portray a realistic example of man’s natural development of ego, so I thought others might be able to derive some value from it. I know the words made a lot of sense to me personally, as I typed them and reread them later. Maybe they make some sense to you too.

The second part is where the real value is, confirmed by Cosmon when I asked his opinion is, and further proven by the fact that while I’d been haltingly writing with lots of typos prior to that, things gradually became more clear, and the last five paragraphs were very clear and smooth, and my body grew very warm to the point that I had to take my sweatshirt off as the healing energies were projected into my body from the higher forces.

It might be worth mentioning that the material I was studying prior to this piece was the first quarter or so of Tempus Procedium, which I reread following this piece and discovered its influence laden heavily throughout.

I think one should also keep strongly in mind that I am by no means a clear channel, and so my own BS, as it were, is very evident here. This piece should be taken as it truly is, the muddled attempts of an earth man to better understand himself and the Infinite which created him. That being said, enjoy!


It seems to be worth mentioning that until this journey began, some 400 thousand years ago, you were a simian of sorts,  going about your life in the jungle, completely , at least in the perspective of the modern man, untuned to the vast and infinite intelligence above, about and throughout you.

Through your particular set of circumstances, or rather, the circumstances that led to the development of your animal self, prior to engagement with higher intelligent forces on a conscious level, you achieved this connected state at an earlier stage than that of your fellow simian animals, and so with this newfound ability for abstract thought, and especially the ability to imagine how others might perceive you, this led to some obvious chicanery, and subterfuge quickly became your favorite pastime.

Without the need to provide in the usual means, that is foraging and hunting, you had more time to think and play and invent. It was also clear that well looked after, you’d be a prime candidate for females to mate with. This led to a harem of sorts, in which you began to explore more aspects of sexual engagements.

Your family life was unlike that of the established cultures in existence for your region’s simian life, and yet without the means to teach your various skill sets, that is, ability to think the way you’d achieved, this would all be for naught. Thus you became most interested in passing on the legacy of your understandings to your fellow simian proto humans, throughout various lifetimes, improving upon the last.

The process of your life, growing up and establishing other means to achieve wealth, as it were, so that you could settle down your legacy, took longer than those of the brutish, stronger males of your cultures. And so your life required a longer, more calculated existence. You became more aware of how you felt after eating certain foods, and engaging with certain individuals.

At this point in your evolution, while you were comparatively low on the scale of evolution, even when compared to the denizans of the hell world, man, and yet your ability to influence your fellow earth dwellers put you in vastly different mental planes and perspectives for living the earth life.

Establishing a greater control over your life and environment allowed you to ponder the imponderables, when your days would have otherwise been dedicated almost exclusively to finding the next meal, instead you could go about your life, unconcerned with such troubles, and explore the various precepts of deception, trickery, illusion and abstract thought.

It might be worth mentioning at this time, that for the entirety of this development, you were forging certain alliances with dark, deceptive forces, as well as the higher echelons of Infinite Creation, which were those forces that inspired the continual growth and development of your life and fellow man, usually erring closer to the second half of your life. This cycle of rebirth, delving a little deeper each time you looked into the darker aspects of creation, yet sometimes continuing on in the more positive, developmental aspects of life, teaching and bonding with your fellow man, as well as exploring some of the more positive, inspired fine arts of what could easily be misused and so often was in your many lifetimes upon the earth.

So throughout your many lifetimes you always sought the lifestyle of leisure, free to adventure at your own volition, in control of your situations, and quickly escaping any possible dangers for concern for your own life.

Your practices, however, were not without their immediate repercussions. Even in an undeveloped, uncivilized simian world, thieves are treated much the same if caught.

You underwent a  great many traumatic experiences following a capture, and so your current anxiety in dealing with an authoritarian of any sort who has power over you, or general contempt for others whom you can challenge, can easily be explained and understood when viewing the broader scope of your lifetime pattern.

Your particular type of survival required, as was stated before, a much more calculated approach, to ensure your livelihood as well as your life itself.

What started as merely a means for survival, avoiding situation deemed dangerous, preferring to have others do such things for you, developed gradually into the ingrained habit of avoiding any task that bore too many pressures on you.

You were also required to be hyper aware of those around you, their intentions, feelings, and were inclined to believe their intentions were hostile, for is it not better to assume the worst and escape than to do the opposite and be taken unawares?

Maintaining the image of what others thought of you was very critical to you, and led to a great many paranoias and unforeseen stresses, which you were placing yourself in no position to avoid, for your very life depended on them!

Because you depended on the influence and resources of others, it was quite necessary that you indoctrinate yourself with a number of groups, and so as to ensure you could continue to adapt, many names and identities became necessary to maintain.

This led to, as you’ve more recently become aware of, various associations with other lifeforms in various walks of life, tuning yourself, psychically, into them, to better think from a different perspective and so maintain whatever cover you were attempting.

This gave you, as did most of your derivations, an inflated ego, for you believed yourself to be equivalent in intelligence to not just one man, but many hundreds, for you believed you could come to understand, better than they themselves, any human whom you might encounter.

This was quite true, for much of your life in dealing with more primitive expressions of humanity, but you would inevitably come across those who, like you, had achieved a certain quickening of intellect, in whatever their particular path.

This, contrary to other challenges you encountered, excited you very much, and because your practices of deceit and thievery often required a general haughty contempt for others to better justify your actions to yourself, you conversely carried a strong respect for any and all higher intellects you encountered upon the earth or in psychic realms.

You believed your continued evolution required the adaptation of anything that might suit your purposes, and so you did not discern between those adepts of the light or dark forces, as was your nature.

Much of your life would often become consumed with finding those with whom you could relate on a higher intellectual plane, when you were not consumed with merely manipulating the lesser minds, though even then, your life required you to seek out certain types of individuals that would suit your purposes.

This coincided well with your interpersonal abilities, experience as a father and mother, teacher, and ability to adapt to any number of personalities or bring understanding to different levels.

At your height, you were a dispensator of higher intelligences and truisms to the earth man, taking those whom you saw the Light in under your wing, so to speak, and providing for them the necessary challenges and structure to develop their attributes.

You had cultivated an understanding of many walks of life, and so you understood and taught others with exceptional skill. Again, however, this was easily used for nefarious purposes, and was exercised to its fullest extent during your deepest descent into darkness.

Your continued reliance on deception and your lack of discernment in your mental and physical company inevitably led to a completely negative course, wherein you committed all those acts which most repulse and simultaneously intrigue you. Your ability to place your own sense of self above those of your fellow man allowed all manner of false justifications for your behaviors.

You came to a strong sense of entitlement, for your prowess had always relied on the taking and hiding, so your ability to position yourself in a situation wherein you could act in a negative way and get away with it was the justification in itself for committing the act.

Your life as well as your ego often depended on the absolute immersion in whatever role you were ensuing, so if doubted, though you were attempting deception, you thought and therefore behaved as though your deception were true.

The old cliché of believing your own lies is very true in this case, and you began to separate further and further from the apparent reality in favor of your deluded, fanciful world wherein you could assume any position and justification.

As you became less in tune with the intuitive forces, your ego maintained your belief that you could still read the thoughts and intentions of others, so ironically you yourself became very prone to deception, either orchestrated by others or by your own tendencies in idolatry.

Your strong respect, as it were, for intellect in any form, led to a great deal of reverence for those who seemed to know more than you, and yet your inflated trust in your own tools of discernment made you both the greatest and the worst student.

Many times, you were both the betrayer and the betrayed. Secretly, you would plan out the lives of others, guiding them to your intentions, and when they deviated from your course, or their true selves showed themselves to be different than the image you had cultivated of them, this upset you very much and caused a great deal of disturbance.

So it was that by and by, you descended further into decadency, nearing that point of oblivion with every new expression, until such a time came when your actions invariably caused the destruction of all that which you had built for yourself, namely the lives of your family, which were an extension of your own ego, as well as the time you once had to live as you would, was taken abruptly by the forces that had been building up against you, for your perversions of truth and continued tendency to take advantage had mired a great many enemies, both generated within your own psychic anatomy and without in the world about you.

You lack of mental discernment and your increasingly disconnected perspective generated from the perpetuation of your illusions, left you quite literally drowning in emotionalisms. For many lifetimes, this was your greatest weakness, for as soon as things did not go your way, you descended into the deep pits of self-pity. And yet, as proof of the great Intelligence of Infinite Creation, it was this very tendency that was your salvation, for when you achieved your greatest collapse of ego, it dropped you into such a low point, a complete breakdown of your current lifetime beliefs and justifications, that you were allowed a true, objective glimpse at yourself, and this was that haloed point in your evolution wherein you witnessed, in the truest sense yet, your psychic anatomy and its course through infinity, hurtling toward absolute destruction.

At this point, it became of the utmost necessity that you find new drives to fuel you, and bring you back about toward a higher echelon of life. This was a macrocosm of your normal lifetime pattern, when you would reach that point in your youth where you recognized that the risk of continuing your current dispensations was far too great, and you would spend the latter part of your life developing in a more positive manner.

Now you are there, in that second half, and half here is merely a subdivision of a subdivision unto infinity, of your life as an earth man, where you take what you have learned and the perspective you have gained, and help to better the lives of your fellow man through creative expression, love, guidance and wisdom. Those negative forces with which you cavorted are ever present, hovering just about the edges of yourself, waiting to swoop down upon you the moment you lower your guard, or commit any act which could be considered selfish in nature and ring too closely to your past life negative expressions. You must, if you are to evolve or even survive, in a spiritual sense, develop a positive polarity of such strength that it completely neutralizes the pull of your old self, which is in its entirety now negative to you. And make no mistake, you are negatively biased, else you would not be here, working out the karma you cultivated for so long. Should you lose sight of the True path, and give into the temptations of that which you know so well, your past self, you will quickly rise to your former position of a king among thieves, master of illusion, and harbinger of your own destruction.

But fear not, dear one, for if you are earnest in your pursuit of truth, and you stay on your current Lighted path, the secrets to creation and Immortal Life will become a part of you, and you will rise above your old self and the dimension in which it dwells, to join the vast and Infinite Brotherhood in our pursuit of ever higher echelons of Infinite Creative avenues.

Rest now, for this is much you must take in. Your rededication gladdens us more than you can know, and we are sure that if you knew the full scope of what is planned for you should you stay true to your higher self, you would never consider for a moment wandering from your path, but that is the challenge of creation, that you cannot see your path beyond what you understand of it, and so have Faith, trust in your inner voice and be ever alert and discerning. Should you resonate too closely with a personality which is, in its scheme of evolution, negative to you, you shall reactivate those parts of your negative self, and condemn yourself to countless more centuries in the hellish earth worlds, or even worse, an evolution into the even more decadent astral worlds which call you toward oblivion.


With Light and Love,

Your Brothers and Sisters of Unarius

Submitted by: Forrest on 02/09/2015

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