Leh Duanh village, Mars, 125,000 BC

Leh Duanh village, Mars, 125,000 BC

Over the years, I experienced several non-sequential dreams about Mars and Lemuria with such level of detail and liveliness that I deeply relived every sight, emotion, and conversations as if I were there interacting in real life. It all started with my home on Mars, located in a small humble village by lakeside southwest of Holden crater. I was a quiet more objective individual then, free from fear and anger. My consciousness was calm, placed on the inner voice and far removed from the self.

Mars 2I could hear creation’s silent songs and I practiced telepathy with fellow Martians, happy with the simple open country Martian lifestyle among vegetation, lake recreation, and much study time. I was well aware of every thought and knew where these came from, automatically phasing out their selfish influences unconcerned while enjoying the company of inner love. But then, in Lemuria, that was all torn away and I attuned to the lower clouds of mundanity seeking their help to excel, following the lower self’s guidance to achieve (for that lower self) pride and glory.


Lemurian Security Forces base

Some 25 years ago, I had a series of dreams where I found myself in a single story wooden house that served as my project operations office. It was located in a Lemurian military base far from Lemuria City and near what’s now the island of Krakatoa. Here, Lemurians developed high energy weapons and I saw many things I should have reported back to Mars, but my ego kept me from it. I was in charge of the Lemurian space ship building project. I remembered how I felt, my emotions and desires, but could not understand them or my conscious state during or after the dream. I could never figure out what I felt, it was beyond my grasp, until yesterday.

Lemuria 2

LSF base, spacecraft development center

I’ve been working with my dear brother Tom to redesign the Unarians United website. In doing so, I wanted to launch a new web page from course curriculum pages showing video and/or audio relative to each course. But for some reason, when I passed course information to the new page so it knew what video to play, the web engine refused to do so. I spent two weeks struggling with this problem, writing all kinds of software code to test and make this work, but it failed every time. Yesterday though, at the peak of frustration, I saw myself in that Martian life again and finally interpreted what I felt back 127,000 years ago!


Lemuria Domed City, one of 8 city hubs

I struggled back then much as I had now to make the Lemurian space craft project a success. I felt vindicated, assertive, successful, and highly obsessed with selfish pride. I had forfeited inner beauty for outer grotesqueness. I had finished this arduous project by finding faults in others, pressuring them for information, and forcing them to finish tasks on time. I manipulated and pinned different Lemurian factions against the other to gain favor and support. Whatever it took to complete the project. I too was under pressure, but learned and used the same tactics on others as were exercised on me. I was no longer the refined, attuned individual I had been. I allowed myself to give into fear, anger, the way of others that chose to channel this obsessive dimension and its grave thick clouds of negativity, reviving the old self to attain what I wanted instead of receiving guidance from the Higher Self.

Once I realized this, I knew I was solving the website problem with these same past energies, not relying on the Brothers. So, I dropped the effort and completely set it aside, gave up, and ignored it. Then, when least expected, I got “the answer!” The web engine being used does not support parameter passing and a plugin is required to bypass engine restrictions. Problem solved! But the legacy continues, aware that many of my fact finding and tenacious efforts can be past-driven, self-interested, and that this reliving was only a small step in getting out of the “mundane cloud.”

Submitted by: Roberto on 12/22/2015

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