LEONARDOTESLA "All the world is a stage, and one man in time plays many parts"....Shakespeare.

Michiel...is one such man...always there in time of need.  Many times in the history of Mankind,  when life was bleak and wretched, such as our Dark Ages, the Brotherhood sent help.   Leonardo daVinci was one such Emissary.  He donned the cloak of an Artist and  took his inspiration mainly from Muse.  As a result, he created the world's greatest masterpieces.  Today these inspiring paintings are considered  the world's finest.  Starting with his work on Verrocchio's Baptism of Christ, these include The Annunciation, the Adoration of the Magi, Virgin on the Rocks, Lady with an Ermine, The Last Supper and the world's most famous painting...The Mona Lisa.  In addition to this, he was an inventive genius, with hundreds of drawings in his notebooks...all of which contributed to his rightly being called today,  the 'Renaissance Man'.

(Recently Birgit and I attended a showing of his inventive creations at the Phoenix Science Center.  They had taken his drawings and created models from them to see if they would work...and they did!  Very cool!)

teslaThen Leonardo shaved his beard and entered the 19th Century as Nikola Tesla...The Wizard of Light.  A true pioneer and visionary in the field of electricity.  With the development of alternating current, he lit up our lives, and ended that period of darkness.  During his lifetime, he held over 278 patents, changing the face of the planet more than any man ever has.  Besides alternating current and light, he invented x-rays, radio, remote controls, electric motors, robotics, laser, wireless communications and the means to have limitless free energy.  Incredibly this genius was largely ignored until the 1990's...but  with this resurgence, ultimately all will come to recognize and appreciate the greatness of his contributions!

Submitted by: Ken Bond on 06/29/2014

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