Karma1Moved by earthly beliefs, some claim there is no afterlife, much less afterbirth, and therefore plunder the earth life pointlessly without hope for continuity or reason. Others see near death experiences as dreams or electrical misfire in the brain. But as Ben Franklin said, "Men are best convinced by reasons they themselves discover,” I herein share my own death experience and the biological symptoms from it.

Soon after discovering Unarius, I moved down to El Cajon and shared an apartment with a fellow student. It wasn’t long before I had my first reality check. One night as I slept, I had a dream where Dotty, Ruth Norman’s assistant, sat by my side wearing a wicked Grinch-like smile, took my right hand harshly, and roughly rubbed her thumb between my thumb and index fingers. Immediately, I witnessed and felt countless worms emerge from her arm and enter mine, swiftly taking over my entire body.

I woke up suddenly and stared into a silent mostly dark bedroom feeling my body burn without circulation. I couldn’t move any part of the body and felt no heartbeat. In moments, I lost consciousness with eyes fully opened. I then reawakened, but this time floating above the bed looking down on myself.

higher beings6In an instant, the entire room vanished and I saw myself floating in an endless electric-blue void, calm and careless. I was facing down pulling myself up on my hands, yet felt I had no legs or needed them not. I was surrounded by slight luminosity and wore a tunic made of light or energy. Seconds later, I noticed two tiny lights in the far distance traveling rightwise. They stopped and started moving toward me.

As these lights drew closer, I saw they were brilliant scintillating flames beautiful to watch. But as they drew closer, the power of their light became too much for my eyes to withstand and I was forced to close them. The light intensified and went right through my shut eye lids, so I placed crossed arms in front of my eyes to help keep out the burning brilliance. But the light went right through my arms as well and the intensity was such I couldn’t help but scream.

Suddenly, I felt turned upside down surrounded by a fireball, and had a slight sense of falling. Moments later, I sensed being in an icy cold enclosure seeing out previously opened physical eyes. I was not aware of the time lapsed and my body was still deadened, not breathing, lifeless, and unable to blink my eyes. Then, my heart pulsed once. Seconds later, it did so again, and again, slowly picking up speed. I felt a most disturbing flow of cold liquid come out of my heart and push against sediment obstructions in the veins, slowly weaving its way to my head and lungs until I could breathe and move the eyes again. The flow then continued to the rest of the body ever slowly. It took minutes for parts of my body to respond and unnumb, several years to date to ponder upon the reality of what I experienced, and this opportunity to share it.

Life is a dream, death is not.

Submitted by: Roberto on 12/12/2015

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