ernest-l-norman-in-woods-unarius_founder I dreamed I approached a wide light-bluish single story home. It appeared like it was built some time back, but looked new as if I were seeing it in a past instance. I’ve seen this home in another dream before, walking toward it with the Moderator. I knocked on the door, the Moderator answered, and lovingly asked me inside. He sat in a beige colored living room love seat. Behind him was a dining room, a kitchen was behind a wall to my left. He shared with me for some time about the wonders of the science of life, encouraging me to practice its precepts at all times.

He listened patiently as I shared some of the wisdom I recently gathered on life re-enactments, emotional adaptations, and reactions. He then asked me to analyze myself and told him what feelings came immediately to mind. However, I suddenly experienced shame when I noticed a spirit of self-worth rise in me and was overcome by fear.

The Moderator smiled gently and gave me that look that says, "Why are you afraid of me?" I quickly ran through my thoughts and saw that the fear came from a sense of being rejected due to my behavior. He asked me to elaborate on that confusing mesh of emotions. First, self-worth triggered thoughts meant to hide the initial emotion, followed by a need to fabricate behavior countering self-worth. A series of guilt responses ensued, knowing I played dishonest with myself and my kind master, adding to stress. This was the fear I felt, fear of losing my masters’ benign inspiration.

man in light1The Moderator smiled and mentally implied to me, "Honesty is your greatest asset. Trust in us, we’re your best friend. You mean everything to me; my friend. Accept us, for we accept you." With that, he asked me to channel artistic abilities for light to work in me, being mindful of the lesson learned. With that, the house came alive with dozens of students of old, many which I never met, all learning about themselves and seeking ways to sing, play instruments, paint, or write while the Moderator enjoyed everyone's expression.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling inwardly accompanied, that has not changed.

Submitted by: Roberto on 05/07/2015

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