Some 30 + years ago I was experiencing various problems generated by living here on earth.  I had become "cut-off" from my spiritual self and didn't even understand why .  My only thoughts were day to day existence. Then, from out of the blue so to say I felt compelled to move to southern California..find new surroundings and try to "start over".Today, I understand that the Brothers guided me to take a job ..not any job, but a particular job where I came in contact with Unarius through one of the Brothers here on earth...Cosmon (Tom Miller).  He seemed so at peace with himself and this world; he had challenges (as we all do) but he handled them in such a calm and peaceful manner . He knew something..a secret..that I had to know.  Tom was very patient and more than willing to introduce me to my spiritual brothers and to Unarius. It has been tough going (remember, I was what one might call a "mess") but through the help of this great Brother I soon learned that once introduced to the Truth there is no turning back.  Today, I still struggle with my lower self, BUT I have the answers available through the Moderator's teachings to help me at every step along the way.  I relate my story to you to share my committment to Unarius and his teachings. Always forward.

Submitted by Shirley Hibbs August 22,2013

Submitted by: Shirley Hibbs on 08/22/2013

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