mirror While pondering on the nature of intelligent consciousness, I saw myself standing on a short narrow pathway that led to my higher self a short distance away. What purpose had I on this path? I wasn't all that sure.

The Higher Self, the path, myself, things about me, energies from times past and future; that and so much more composed the infinite constituent of expression making up the unique life force I expressed—seen from my lowly perspective. However, seen from higher spectrums, my life was an evolutionary yet critical grant, a mission from the Higher Self, overshadowed by a restricted intelligent quotient, a small part or sample of past journeys (just enough for this life's mission), enough to temporarily come into this dimension and visit briefly with the lower self to “educate it” in the ways of truth while siding with higher positive healing forces that would correct its energy. Life can be likened to an educator’s rescue mission of sort, daring dangerous jungles to “sit in” with the past and swing it forward in the path of Light, if it would. However, there was more to it than met the eye. The lower self is a student, the Higher Self the teacher, and consciousness a tutor or agent conduit for the Higher Self.

multi-imagesSuddenly, I saw countless dimensional images of myself appear along the path to the Higher Self, much like a mirror reflecting another mirror, and another, etc. Just as with this physical level, these other intelligent expressions were from the same Higher Self simultaneously doing the same thing, understanding and educating those experiences and energies relative to their own levels. These images were higher expressions from my vantage point, existing in quantum timelessness with my physical life yet they were separate vortexal junctions. Concepts learned above flowed from higher tiers and trickled to lower, and lower, and lower levels until reaching me. Thus it was that, while I moved toward the Higher Self along the path, it transmitted demodulated messages back my way through untold cycles of personal expression, inducing inspiration, new concepts, and answers/updates to the needs of the physical mission.

spiritual stairway1I saw a “stairway to heaven” where, to go from my physical expression up to a Higher one, there were countless personal levels of intelligent consciousness interpolating, demodulating, and translating energy concepts through layer upon layer of dimensional context until reaching my position; an infinite chain of intelligent expressions or demodulated "reflections" of the Higher Self resolving and refining the Infinite Concept of creation for each level beneath it much as my physical consciousness did so with the lower self. And so does the lower self also have a mission, just as I do, to pass on evolutionary changes down, educate lower forms, and free-up associative appendages it has relationships with, be it from past times of harmonic energy likeness.

Dr. Ernest Norman - Founder of Unarius

Thus it is that we should first introduce the kingdom of heaven—not the ego—to the self rather than others, for it is the self that acts and keeps itself from that kingdom and therein others as well. And so, according to the Golden Rule, we must love ourselves as our neighbor, for if I don't know how to love and care properly for the self, how much less be it so for others, and how much less God?

Submitted by: Roberto on 02/02/2016

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