I have been thinking
of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,
though not the rabbit hole.
So Lewis Carroll’s All in a Golden Afternoon I read
and remembered I loved it long ago.

I lift my pen and remember Naples;
he greeted me in the Earth Library…
his smile, a world of Light.
He has smiled again
comforting me on my journey—
writing, traveling,
though not wayfaring.
I seek the Higher Worlds of Light.

‘But what about Alice?
Let’s go together, you and I,
and meet her, her acquaintances.
Is she really in Wonderland?”

Lewis Carroll said she was.
I lay my pen in the Light upon my desk,
where my new computer shall rest—
that gracious gift.

“Is the Light in Writer’s Corner”?

I don’t know. Well…maybe I do!
I’m smiling.

“How many Alices are there in Wonderland?”

I don’t know. I’m contemplating
the beauty of giving, giving liberally.
“Even when you are pondering Alice”?

But my thought is Lewis Carroll,
the wisdom and beauty in his work,
Solitude and A Tangled Tale.

“We’ll meet Alice, her acquaintances—
those like your Friends along your way.”

I am a traveler with fond reflections,
the name Aurelus I love, but why?
Curiosity … then Marcus’ Meditations
and more enchanting ruminations.

“And what about Alice”?

I don’t know, but I’m smiling.

Submitted by: Naimah on 06/17/2017

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