In the fall of 1986 I began working in Palm Springs California for the French luxury goods company Louis Vuitton. LouisBonaparte-1

I had just made contact with Unarius in El Cajon, speaking on the phone with an individual named Charles. He remarked that he had been waiting years for me to call, that I was his younger brother. I did not give that remark much attention initially but I did not forget it either. Eventually I discovered that this Charles was talking about a past life he had lived, that of Napoleon Bonaparte. Although I was a good history student in school I did not know much about Napoleon. I just did not like him and avoided Bonaparte history. In the summer of 1987 I was transferred to the Louis Vuitton store in Beverly Hills California and remained there until 1996. During that time, perhaps in the summer of 1988 or 1989, I was jogging on the beach in Marina Del Rey. As my feet were moving through the sand, my thoughts drifted to Charles/Napoleon. Louis Bonaparte------------------->

It was then that I noticed another thought drop into my mind, ‘read about Louis Bonaparte’. I had never even heard of Louis Bonaparte. So the journey into that 200 year old past began. Over the years I have made several observations/validations of that past but I have also been very careful with all of this, rarely talking or writing about it. What is important to me is that in this study of the Bonapartes, and Louis in particular I have learned a great deal about myself and I can draw some significant parallels, carry over from that period to my present life.

Louis_Vuitton0The company Louis Vuitton has a direct connection to the Bonapartes. In 1993 I was selected by Louis Vuitton, one of ten employees worldwide so selected, to attend a workshop at the Corporate Headquarters in Paris France. I was able to tour the original home of Louis Vuitton and learn of the history of the company. Louis Vuitton was a trunk maker by trade. His work was noticed by Princess Eugenie, the wife of Emperor Napoleon III. At her request Louis Vuitton was commissioned to make trunks exclusively for her, one of a kind tailor-made to her exact specifications.



Mr. VuittoLouis-Vuitton-1n was very successful in this endeavor and was able to parlay that success and became known as the trunk maker of royalty. He was now on his way to building a business of worldwide fame. It is here that I need to point out that Napoleon III was the son of Louis Bonaparte. All of this was quite a revelation to me. Perhaps my biggest lesson and overcoming from all of this was how I aligned myself with those in power, sold my soul so to speak, for the attainment of power in the material world, that sucking up process I am so familiar with.

As an example of this I will refer to the first great battle of Napoleon’s career. Napoleon had distinguished himself and had risen through the ranks of the FrencLouisBonaparte-3h Army quite rapidly. He was not well liked however by those in power in the French Government. They devised a strategy in the hopes of getting rid of him. He was put in charge of a ragtag army and sent him to Italy where he would confront the Austrian Army, the most powerful of its time. As the two armies prepared for battle Napoleon knew he had to come up with a motivational tool of some sort to inspire his troops. In this respect he was a genius and he came up with a great one. He nominated his own brother, eighteen year old Louis Bonaparte to lead the troops in battle. It was a suicide mission Louis gladly accepted. The promise of glory easily trumped the threat of death. He was young and strong and felt he could cheat death this one time.

In the ensuing battle the ragtag French army routed the Austrians and Louis survived unscathed. The legend of Napoleon Bonaparte had begun.


In the big party that followed the battle Louis contracted syphilis, a disease the doctors of the day could not treat. They prescribed liquid mercury for him causing tremendous damage to his physical body, damage which would get worse as he grew older, eventually completely paralyzing him. To this day I have a complete distrust of doctors. If I medicate at all I self-medicate. I have also carried over harmonics of the paralysis that Louis suffered with. I was a tremendous athlete in high school and had dreams of pursuing an athletic career. By the time I was eighteen however, (the same age as Louis leading the troops in battle) I was very aware that my musculature was very rigid and stretching exercises seemed to only make it worse. I gave up my dream knowing that I faced serious injury if I pushed this too far. All through my adult life I experienced muscle pain of one sort or another, the most extreme being sciatica. Today at the age of 63 I experience minor back pain and occasional pain in my right hip and left shoulder. I am overcoming this by re-educating myself about nutrition, giving my body what it needs to repair itself. I no longer listen to Betty Crocker or the Pillsbury Dough Boy for nutritional advice.

I will mention one other memory and then move on. At the age of nine I became aware that my three brothers and I had the same middle name. That nine year old became very angry with his parents over that, a memory formed 200 years earlier when Napoleon forced Louis to name his sons after him.

Louis Bonaparte was a tortured soul, extremely frustrated and suffering with represLouisBonaparte-6sed anger. He lived with extreme physical pain and that along with having to deal with Napoleon was way more than he could handle. He viewed his life as a complete and total failure. I know that because I carried those energies with me. With the Science of Unarius I have worked some of them out but certainly not all. Frustration has been a very good friend of mine but I am much better now that I am older and perhaps a little bit wiser. I can now look in the mirror and I am okay with the image I see.

Gary Kainz

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