Art by TheDjib on DeviantArt Quite recently, I was having a discussion with my little sister, who is 16 and going through some very tough emotional turmoil. She was in a very depressed state, and during the course of our conversation, I became aware of the fact that she’d built a very powerful negative thought form what was segmenting her consciousness.

We all have our own demons, if we can use that word, that we build with negative mind-energies. The more energy you put into a particular frame of thought, the more powerful that thought-form becomes, and if it’s negative, it can grow into an ugly demon, not unlike the horrific depictions seen in literature of various hell beasts.

I explained the concept to my sister, who I’ve discussed Unariun concepts with in the past to varying success. She acknowledged the existence of the thought-form, though she denied it was malevolent, despite the fact that it was causing her so much strife.

At the time, I didn’t fully understand how divided her consciousness was. This negative though-form, or demon, not only represented certain self-destructive aspects of my sister, but had her believing that it protected her, and that she couldn’t do without it.

As we kept talking, I became more animated, and was frankly getting angry at her complete refusal to use simple reason. I thought I was safe because I was controlling the flow of my anger, which was mostly over the fact that this evil little demon bastard was continuing to hurt my little sister. Sure, she made it, but that didn’t make me any less angry.

I don’t even remember what it said to me then that made me lose my temper. I yelled at her. The conversation ended. I reflected that I shouldn’t have yelled, because it obviously didn’t help.

The next day my throat was raw.

The very first thing I thought was, “Damn! I let it get it me!” Bear in mind that I had by no means yelled myself hoarse. I’d only shouted a few words and that was that. But I knew immediately that this pain in my throat had something to do with my sister’s pet demon.

Mostly, it only hurt when I swallowed. I sucked on some cough drops, which didn’t help, and stuck it out. I hoped to receive some healing that night when I went to bed, since I felt I was aware of what had happened.

I don’t know what I dreamt of that night, but I doubt if it was therapeutic. I remember waking up several times during the night. Heavy, is the best word I can use to describe how I felt about my dreams, but the details of them have since left my memory.

My throat was worse the next day. I researched my symptoms and discovered that the physical explanation for my sickness was a bacterial infection. All the advice I could find online told me to seek a doctor, because it wasn’t going to get better on its own.

When I described my symptoms to my mother, my little sister overheard and said she often had the same problem. That she would occasionally get tonsil stones and her throat would get red and raw, and white specks would appear on it. Those were my symptoms too.

If I hadn’t been sure it was my encounter with her negative thought-form that had caused my illness before, I was sure now.

The day after, it was worse than ever. I could barely eat anything, because it hurt so much to swallow. I had to force myself to drink water. I had another night filled with heavy dreams. I woke up several times feeling like I was getting a lot of teaching from the inner worlds.

Thankfully, I was set to meet with my mentor, Tom Miller that day. When we met, I told him of my problem, what had happened with my sister, and why. I spoke of how I’d been in control of the situation until I let my anger become reactionary, and the negative entity had used that anger to slip in past my defenses and infect me.

He looked at me and said, “You won’t have that problem anymore. It will start to go away now.”

“I hope so,” I said.

“No hope about it.”

The next day my throat felt better than it had in days, although it was still a bit tender. After a couple days, I felt completely healed.

The funny thing is, probably about a year ago now, I was working on my science fiction novel, and while having a psychic battle with a girl, the main character throws images at her that he knows will anger her. Once she reacts in anger, he follows that thread of emotion through her defenses, and gains dominance over her, winning the duel.

I couldn’t believe it when I realized I’d fallen for the same trick!

Oh well. Lesson learned.

Submitted by: Forrest on 09/14/2013