Hermes is the Center for Philosophy,  so here is a philosophical question I've been going around with ever since I first asked  "What's life all about?"

Is it possible,  that in reality,  everything is ... Nothing!?

Let me explain  (if I can) 😉    As a kid,  I couldn't figure out how things could exist.   The BBhNvTwfurthest I could try to answer it,  was asking  myself  "What 'should' there be if existence seems so impossible?"   My answer was that there shouldn't be anything,  there should only be ... nothing.   However,  when I tried to think of what 'nothing' would be like,  I could only think of 'something' ... like empty space or total blackness or whiteness.   I couldn't envision Nothingness.

Then along came Unarius.   Dr. Norman explained that everything was energy,  that substance was illusionary,   because there were no solids.   He explained that there was no beginning and  no ending in our timeless,  space-less Infinite Universe.   These characteristics would also be qualities of Nothingness except for the factor of motion which energy possesses.   But when Cosmon said in his Relative Motion and the Vortex post that motion was also an illusion,  it put me back on the trail.

BBkofFcSo,  since we know everything is Duality ... meaning there can't be an 'up' without  a 'down',  in/out,  over/under,  dark/light,  etc.,   it seems logical then,   that we can't have something without nothing.   Which would mean all creation has been an evolution of Nothingness into something ... our Universe!

Sound possible?  Would love to hear your thoughts ..... and don't give me you have Nothing to say;)  ... Ken.


Submitted by: Ken on 08/13/2015

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