Cuauhtémoc For the past month, I’ve experienced a rebellious confusing state difficult to contain. I felt abandoned, betrayed to some degree, angered, such that I had to put writing aside. I had no clue what was going on. I had a sudden break from such dealings when I had a dream of being a fierce swordsman in battle, possibly fighting for Carthage. But the next morning, I fell so ill that I could barely move. Then Thursday, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling nervous, like extreme electrifying claustrophobia, and ran to the restroom to hope it would pass. Instead, it worsened to the point I could barely function physically or mentally. Trying to return to bed, my brain shutdown and I plummeted to the floor face first. Everything went pitch black and I felt my left eye socket slam the floor, though a blue flame kept me company from afar. I was out for several seconds and then heard my wife screaming at me, but I couldn’t respond, move, or speak. I was pale, cold, lifeless, and barely had a pulse. My wife threw pants and a shirt on me while my son dragged me to the car, and they headed for the hospital.

I was rushed into ER and given an IV. After a while, I came back to normal, but I had done my neck in something awful. Couldn’t turn my head in any direction or hold it up, and my heart beat seemed to crash against my neck as if something was jammed up there. Illness continued through Monday morning. I felt like I was dead or really wanted to die because I couldn’t stand the illness and the pain anymore. So I just laid in bed begging death would come.

hanging1Then, I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and had a flash vision of being in a forest, dragged, a rope tied around my neck, and hung swiftly from a tree by Spaniards. Moments later, neck problem was suddenly “gone” and so was the heart/circulation issue and the fever! Just like that.

I came to realize that this was Cuauhtemoc. He was betrayed by Cortez and hanged fearing he was planning an Indian revolt.

Submitted by: Roberto on 02/03/2015

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