The time hath come to emerge from mislaid horizons
after such trying wait, a lasting journey marred
by abiding dusky taciturn valley gait,
ego homesteads brimming with
anarchic servitude to stout
itinerant beasts of all kinds,
unknowingly at the edge of vast celestial divides
waiting silently aloft enduring injurious dells.

Poised beyond what scanty human sights learned to stare,
the way of infinite emergence is clearly inscribed
upon those whose hearts might boldly come to bear.

Valleys and beasts are not life’s absolute fare,
for spiritual love is the ultimate virtuous affair,
more bountiful than starry glare
gleaming brightly throughout the heavens
for all creation to share.

Ethereal cross bridges lay in fair wait,
a meager thought aside for those aspiring
to step beyond mud shadows and traverse
the vast infinite divide.
Still, many back away at heaven’s lustrous gates
unwilling to relinquish states of self,
choosing to hold firmly to land’s dwells.

Mundane reincarnation is the only life
most eyes dare trust,
ways of mud whose existence depends on ethic codes
that counter mental treasures
and promote rampant mundane desire.

So it is that the mind, not the body, is the traveler,
as thoughts restrict what and where you are.
Honesty is like a lamp unto your feet
and humility the light that illumines your path
unto heaven’s lustrous divide.
Man must learn to pick up honesty,
let humility shine his future travels,
and learn to live in worlds beyond mud.

Submitted by: Roberto on 10/22/2017

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