star being1Once there was a lonesome man that lived a most unfulfilling life,
wishing he could go to and from and serve the plight of others with love.
But his young light shone not favorably upon the path to righteousness,
and much darkness was upon the base of his feet.
Seeing his lonely course and young age, neighbors gathered about,
advising him that it is not good for man to be alone.
There being not one in his likeness in all the land,
and his light showed not the way to righteous beauty,
he expressed a desire to father a helper unto his likeness,
and then those gathered in his midst were most pleased.
Seeking to bare no more solitude and eager to strengthen his light,
he fashioned a child, in his likeness, from earthly soils into life.

But the child, born with earthly eyes, saw not the tree of life,
only the immediate good and evil fruits of earth,
fruits good for possession, pleasant to the eyes,
and much desired to make one prosper on earth.
baby2Eagerly taking the desired fruits thereof, seeking to prosper,
and pleased by possessiveness, the child became lost to life’s shadows.
He then stood exposed before his father’s love,
but hid swayed sights in lasting shame,
choosing to survive a life of utmost toil afraid of forgiveness,
unwilling to deny the tree of good and evil before his eyes.

The father strove to turn the child’s eyes toward heaven,
where moths and vermins destroy not, and thieves steal not.
The child sought riches, comforts, and recognition instead,
things that fade with time and tides.
Life after life, the child grew obstinate against the light,
and sought more earthly fruits to prosper, possess, and gain pleasantry.
But there came a time when earth’s fruits brought not prosperity or desire,
and the noxious bowels of earth offered no pleasant savor.

man in light1Broken and lifeless, the child finally cried out in agony to his father,
and then his eyes were drawn open to the light within,
bringing him never before known celestial fruits.
Here were fruits good for meekness, pleasant to the soul,
and lauded to evolve in wisdom and inner beauty.
So the child took of this inner fruit,
and his earthly eyes rested from its weary labors,
his heart awakened, and his path was filled with eternal light.
Light matured beneath his father’s feet and neighbors rejoiced,
for here was a young soul growing in light, no longer alone.
In unison, father and son then grew to comfort others,
so where the light resides, all may also abide of its love-giving savors.

To all babbinos, may the light make of us strong and pleasant foundations of eternal love.

Amira - First Audition. We show this to see the comments, which relates her to be an old soul

Amira's 'Song to the Moon'


Submitted by: Roberto on 12/14/2015

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