If one reading my past comments on Flying Saucer Landings on earth would conclude that I am opposed to Space People or Spaceships, they would be mistaken. In fact, that is how I originally came to this earth many thousands of years ago. I relived this in my early twenties where I had to have a huge cist removed from my outer skull. (The operating doctor said the growth appeared to be like some ten-drilled mechanism).

I was a member of an advanced planetary system of people who traveled to foreign systems exploring the various populated planets This was later confirmed by the Brothers. We came in a spaceship and made a base on the planetoid Pluto. We did not wish to disturb the indigenous inhabitants – so I was sent incognito with a device implanted that would transmit the information my brain was registering to my comrades on Pluto. Many of us have lived on numerous other earth worlds according to frequency relationship and the biases in our psychic anatomies.
Submitted by: Tom Miller on 08/21/2013

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