Outside the verdant pasture,
he looks around at no one looking for him.
So peaceful here, he’s going to stay—
The neighborhood has a tourist.

Yellow Bird alights on his poll
annoyingly tapping in code, “Let’s go,”
and mimicking poets, he chants:
“Brittles won’t know how he looks
‘Till he gets his picture took”!

A flash of light, stillness…
then a charming vision to share with others.
Even before Yellow Bird asks,
I have decided “Who shall receive?”
Spiked beauties stare into Brittles’ bright presence.

“Mom, he kept me awake all night,
whinnying outside my window,
a-l-l night,
and you send me his picture!”

I laugh utterly…wholly…
And in the Light,
Yellow Bird tweets, hops in the clover;
Brittles also loves the way things are!

“Oh, thank you”.
(I’m saying what Sarah said)
“A lovely, breathtaking picture…”
she muses in the Light.

“ Gas prices,” Carol twinkled…
“I can ride him and get more gallops per gallon.”

Submitted by: Na'imah on 05/08/2017

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