My first attempt at doing dishes when I was a little girl (this present life) did not go well. In fact watching my mother standing at the kitchen sink washing those things especially the pots and pans gave me a distasteful feeling of dread and doom. Anyway here I am, that little girl standing on a chair next to my mother at the kitchen sink getting a lesson on how to wash dishes (mother's little helper). I did not mind doing other chores, but this was just awful! I let her know that I did not like doing dishes. She let me know that there will probably be lots of things in this life that you won't like doing and so you better get used to it until you can find a way to change it. Wow, little did I know how prophetic her words were: (until you can find a way to change it).

A few years later as a teen I was still dreading doing dishes especially pots and pans. Neither one of my parents had a lazy bone in their body.....but I sure did when it came to this one thing. Often throughout this life I would while in sleep state see a little girl in this horrible dark place sobbing and bent over a big huge wooden bucket full of water. Each time I would wake myself up because I did not want to see anymore. I let this go on up until four months ago, that's over fifty years. That is absolutely ridiculous....I know better....I have the means to look into my past and face whatever the aberration may be and cancel it out....but oh no, I was afraid to see what I knew would not be pleasant. Eventually we have to take out the garbage and my dear friend Tom helped me do just that.

Let me give you a very brief background on Tom's and my relationship. I had asked Tom's permission to use his name in this post. We've known each other for many years not only in this present life but in many many others. We have established throughout these many lifetimes a positive rapport and as such when in conversation with each other any observer who happens to listen in, will notice that we rarely finish word form because we are so attune that words need not be spoken. This can be verified by other students who are familiar to we. This is to relate to you how sensitive we are to each others frequency and when two or more are gathered in these higher frequencies this amplifies the harmonics and keep us attuned and in complete synchronization to our higher self (like a closed circuit hookup). We are open books to one another always.

In one of our many conversations he brought up how in his younger years (a teen) he didn't mind doing dishes because it gave him a chance to think about and ingest the principles that was being taught by (Ernest Norman, Tom lived with both the Moderator and Ruth Norman). Not only was Tom integrating within from his reading and studying the Unarius text but that integration was being fortified by Ernest Norman himself. Each time that Tom would bring up the conversation about how he did not mind doing dishes, it reinforced a positive experience for Tom. But, at the same time, the Brothers were giving me the opportunity to once and for all cancel out that past negative oscillation. Since I wasn't jumping on the train, Tom gave me the boost I so desperately needed and said, "Well, no wonder you don't like doing dishes, you were just a little girl, a slave no older than three or four who hardly saw the light of day. You lived in a kitchen that had no natural light, underground level and it was your job to do dishes until the day you died." Bingo! I knew that to be true.....those were the dreams I had and did not want to face because, when I let myself see the negative things that have happened to me, I feel them and I know I have to keep myself neutral. I know to view just long enough for analyzing and then to let go, and this is one of those instances I did not. And so, it carried through all those years.

In that lifetime, I lived a very short span. I died as a child from lack of food. Even though I lived in the kitchen, I was fed scraps, slept on a cold floor, and beaten for pleasure. I finally let go of this particular past four months ago and I must say I don't mind doing dishes anymore! I've taken Tom's excellent example--to let the Unarius text and its principles flow and incorporate within--to be my joy while doing those pots and pans. Now, I can be heard to sing or hum a tune from time to time while doing dishes.

My Love and Light Always,


Submitted by: Lesley on 02/14/2017

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