I like to refer to the spiritual dimension as "The Library", why? Because when I open my mind and allow myself to be attuned with the spiritual dimension (The "Inner") I can read anyone's history. I see pictures of the person's past, present and future. I'm "tunning" into the person's spiritual identity and the best way I can explain it to someone else is it's as if I'm reading a living book. Of course, each person is their own book.

All of the books in the "Library" are in one place and to read them I simply think of the person. Actually, it's more like "feeling" another person, much like a "merging" with that person. It can only be done with their permission.

On the "Innehigher beings6r" there is no space or separation between anything, everything is shared. To be aware of anything only requires a desire of awareness. There is no traveling, there is no physical speaking, hearing, seeing, feeling or smelling and yet you are aware of all these senses and more. You can see all sides of every person or object. You can see, hear, touch and yes, smell with your toes! Every object is much like a Library index that points you the total history of that object. Even the word object has no meaning since it implies something physical.

Another way to describe the awareness; Imagine, if you will, that you could have a God like perception of every inch of the universe simultaneously. You would know everyone and everything everywhere. You would never need to travel anywhere because part of you was already there. This is what perception is like when you attune to the "Inner". You don't need to ask anyone what they're thinking because their mind is not separate from yours. The limitations of your perception are only due to your experience and preconceptions. There are no secrets!

Most of us (certainly me included) are not developed enough to function efficiently on the Being with aura"Inner" and we tend to be focused on ourselves. However, there are many that are more advanced that function at 100% in the spiritual dimension. These beings can create spiritual structures and develop plans for events much like we might plan a birthday party for next year. The difference is when a spiritual being plans an event anyone who transcends their consciousness into the "Inner" can see the plans. This is a good description of seeing the future.

Let me put it another way, your local city council might plan a new park for your neighborhood. If you are at the council meeting when the project is planned you are seeing the future (assuming everything goes as planned). If you tell your neighbors there will be a park built next year and don't tell them how you know then you may be labeled a clairvoyant.

Likewise, someone able to transcend their consciousness to the "Inner" can attend the spiritual city council meetings.

I can try to describe the sensation of experiencing the "Inner" but it's like trying to describe the taste of an apple. Hopefully you'll just take a bite someday!


Submitted by: Stephen Anderson on 05/10/2014

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