"Cross the bridge or stay in the lowland."

I didn't move when the bridge man spoke.
I didn't move toward the cold, metal bridge.

"Go to the Light!" the bridge man shouted,
Wanting me to hear,
But I didn't move...
I didn't move toward the cold, metal bridge.

"I won't go to another dark place!"
I wanted him to hear.
He tapped the signal for me to cross,
Then turned away, his Light with him,
And I felt barren, like the land I was in.
"I'll cross the bridge!" I called to him,
Or perhaps I had called within.
The bridge wasn't cold, not hard at all,
But a beautiful path with lovely Ye stones,
Effulgent in my eyes,
A fragrance in the air, sweet,
Light on the bridge! The other side!

"Help never leaves," the bridge man said.
"There's always Love and Light!"

"I had to choose?" I asked the bridge man's Light.

"Will you be going Higher?"

Submitted by: Naimah on 06/25/2016

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