Seeing the future

Someone once asked me how is it I seem to see the future and related to me how they have moments when they know something is about to happen. I never really thought too much about this until I was asked and then it seemed so obvious.

I realized there are two mechanisms that mislead me into thinking I am seeing the future. I physica
lly don’t live in the actual moment of time but rather my consciousness is delayed from the moment the higher-self expresses itself. Like in a previous posting I am a puppet and the higher-self is the puppet master but the strings are very long if I am not in sync with the higher-self. From the time the puppet-master pulls the strinpeople18g until the puppet moves could be seconds, hours, days or even years, it depends on the proper cycles and how in tune I am with the puppet-master. If I am in an elevated state of consciousness the strings may be short and I (the puppet) may dance in very near sync with the puppeteer. This may give the appearance that I am seeing the future when others around me have much longer strings. I seem to know to move, respond or understand things before they do. No, I am just living more in sync with the higher-self. These periods of “clarity” are sometimes rare but everyone has them. The more often you can learn to allow the clarity the more you will “appear” to know the future.

Here's another example; we, here on Earth live about 94 million miles from our sun, it takes about 5 minutes for the sun's light to reach the Earth. If the sun were to burn out in the next second it would take about 5 minutes before we knew it here on Earth. But, if we lived on Mercury, the planet nearest the Sun we'd know it within a few seconds because we are nearer to the source. Does that mean the people living on Mercury were seeing the future? Yes, they are seeing the future that we on Earth will see. So in other words, people closer to the event source (or closer to the Higher dimensions) see the future compared to those of us that are further away. So those students that are able to live closer to the higher dimensions do see events before people that do not have the same connection.

Think of it this way, when Shakespeare wrote a play he had to wait for the actors to be available, learn their lines, the sets had to be built, the stage had to be available, the audience had to be notified before the play could become “live”. So too are we, the higher-self must write the play and then we must act it out when the stage is set and all the other actors are ready. If we speak our lines out of sync with the other actors it ruins the play. Sometimes if you are wise you must intentionally hold your lines and only speak when the timing is correct.

The second mistake in thinking I see the future is when I relive the past. I have repeated the same thoughts, actions and words so many times with the same people in similar circumstances that I get “flashbacks” of what’s going to happen next and mistake them for seeing the future. Well, yes I guess you can say you are seeing the future if everyone keeps on playing the same game. It’s like watching a well-rehearsed play, if you’ve seen it before and as long as everyone knows their lines you know what will happen next.

So, why aren’t we able to “know or see” in real time all the time?
Think about that a second, if you always knew what was going to happen next wouldn’t you avoid it? What would be your motivation for living? If you’re here like I am to make mistakes and learn, you never would. A surprise party isn’t a surprise if you know about it. However, if you are able to see with complete “clarity” 100% of the time then the chances are you are not here in the physical world to relive.

It's all just another misconception that we are "in control" and living "in the moment", we are neither! We are the puppets not the puppet-masters and our awareness of "reality" is delayed until it is time for us to be on-stage.

Note: I only have moments of clarity so I know I’m really not here for a higher purpose.

NostradamusSo, when Nostradamus wrote his prophecies he used a combination of the two principles, a variation of the past cycles lived and the ability to lift his consciousness to a higher spiritual plane and see what has been planned but not yet put into action.

So, can we see the future? Yes and no, it depends on your understanding on the way things work and your connection with the spiritual dimensions, it's not a black and white question. If you only live in the physical dimension the answer is yes, some people can see the future. If you live the spiritual life the answer is no, everything happens as it should in it's own time when the cycles permit.

I hope this helps someone other than myself.



Submitted by: Stephen Anderson on 04/29/2014

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