Spring Eternal

See-est thou these rivers that windeth
through the valley
Have ye not tasted of their waters,
climbed their rocky slopes?
Yea, have ye not feasted in the lushness
of these valley greens?
Oh wishful ones, gather nigh,
for in thy strength is weakness.
Verily the night falls upon thee.

For I come not as a shepherd to gather
in the flock,
But as one who would give thee of the
substance of my life -
That thou would be with me,
and in Heaven thou dwellest forever.
For I cometh not among a few
but among all men
And I see-est them as the hungry,
the weak, the forlorn

Would it be that in me thou hast found
which thy heart seekest most.
Thus thy soul woundeth in fruitless searching,
the windings of thy life, the devious pathways,
The never-ending searching, seeking -
Immortal Quest - how leadest thou?

Immortal Quest, Immortalist Soul, yet passeth
in understanding to all who find its answer.
Yea, and its answer lifteth up the Spirit
and thou art made whole.
And in the wholeness of all, so it cometh
unto its own time and place.

Or will one be crossed with the memory
of what is lived and lost?
And all that remaineth with thee
will be the Wisdom of the Ages
And it shall sustain thee in thy virtue
giving as a lasting strength Eternal Love
to all that which surroundeth thee.

And to all things which are brought into
the place of compassion
Yet it is that all these things
have been said before many times.
They have been whispered to thee in
thine ear.
They have been placed as words in thy mouth,
Thine eye hath perceiveth them in the
birthplace of all thy days,
And thine ear hath heard each sound
as it beats in this unity of Creation.
There is thy destiny inescapable -
a pathway among the stars,
Thou findest many a golden citadel
And oft yielding are its gates
moved only by the Touch of Love.

For in these places are found all the things
that whisper the Song of Creation -
the understanding, the compassion -
That which glorifies all men in the Nature
of Creation,
And in the essences of thine own creation.

And as ye have found Me, so ye will find
thy destiny.
Believeth thou in Me and thou shalt
have Eternal Life
For I am not the man but that which is
within me, which resideth and liveth
in all things
And knoweth the Creation from which
it sprang - yea, unto the beginning
of time.
For if ye knoweth of all these things,
then surely ye shall cometh unto
the Place of Rest.

Ernest L. Norman

The preceding verse was entirely voiced at one time by Dr. Norman in a garden setting in Glendale CA in 1964. I was present during his recitation and was totally swept up and transported to the Higher Realms of Consciousness! Now, every time I read these words, His voice rings clear and vivid in my mind - and all of the inflections of tone is remembered as again being in the present moment - a humble beckoning of Infinities' path! Cosmon (Tom Miller)

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