IMG_20160602_100546371 The town's people are saying there is an abandoned child, a toddler, on the road that takes travelers to the river. They say he is there in the company of Monarchs embellishing his forehead with tawny orange sprinkles from their delicate wings and peacock-blue birds gathering the downy fibers of dandelions he blows that scatter and gambol in the breeze. But where the road is, there has never been one before, and people who've lived in Ellis all their lives say there has been no river either. The whole town's talking, with or without cell phones, and it's Marlin Doss who has given them the drollery, they call it, to share over their back yard fences and in the streets. People sauntering in the shady lanes of Ellis Park, working in restaurants, schools, jails, banks, mental health agencies, and daycare, as well as in the warm sun with earth movers, are chattering. In the nursing homes and hospitals, the sick are talking too.
MARLINE HAD STEPPED outside onto his porch early that Saturday morning...At once, he turned and looked to the left side of his house and was stunned by a new, paved road that later become known as Harbor Road, where only dense woods had flourished before. The sound of water rushed over the auricles of his ears, deep into their canals. Though astonished at what he was hearing and viewing, Marlin did believe his eyes, not being one to force his head violently down a sand hole in the presence of something foreign to his personal knowledge. He walked into the cul-de-sac of Harbor Road, on toward the little boy basking in evening twilight, not the morning sunlight over his house.

"Well, good morning; I'm Marlin," he said, bending his six-foot body to make eye contact with the child wearing long denim pants, and a white, short-sleeve shirt. On its collar was a strikingly beautiful, purple and blue butterfly with bright emerald wings.

"Good evening, Marlin, Sir," the child spoke with luster to the man he'd been waiting for. "I am Jakub. I am not abandoned. I require no assistance or protection, and Mother has no fear when I play in other worlds."

"Oh," Marlin said, immediately aware of the extraordinary passion and focus of one so young. He looked into the Light surrounding him, the Light that had been shaken, like stardust, from the robe of the child's mother.

"I am not alone. My sister, Jenhari, is there." Jakub pointed his index finger in the direction of a large bush of stunning pink and yellow flowers, taller, but resembling Earth's peace roses. He blew another dandelion without the spittle of a child's effort and neither looked at Jenhari nor at Marlin to see if he was looking, and the brilliant dragonfly shifting positions on his shirt collar didn't look either. Jenhari, clad in a lilac blouse and white pants, waved to Marlin as she stroked the backside of the shiny, midnight puppy sleeping in her lap.

"I am almost three, and my sister is more than that," Jakub said. "We are here to share the knowledge that every individual has to take personal responsibility for himself.

"Excuse me," Marlin said. "I have to get my wife; please don't leave." He turned and started to rush toward the house, unaware that while he stood talking to Jakub his fingernails had grown into the bottom of his pants while his long arms dangled at his sides. When he took the first step forward, he was pulled into a stooped position, but he kept going!

Suddenly the reposed Laughing Pile that had accompanied the children to Ellis Town laughed so hard it fell apart and mouths rolled in the blades of fresh grass all over the cul-de-sac. They tried to close themselves to keep the grass out, but couldn't; they sneezed when Light dust rifted into them. Light laugher was everywhere! The dragonfly, Jakub, Jenhari, and the puppy watched, enjoying the emblazoning hues of mirth, and by the time Marlin returned with his wife Tura, the exhausted Laughing Pile was quiet, having pulled itself back together to laugh again, some other time for some other reason. It had never seen a man, or anyone, run the way Marlin ran, to tell his wife, or anyone, about the Light!

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