For all my past troubles, and those to come, gentle words graced my mind this morning, words that reached and touched my soul where I was most vulnerable. As I reviewed Legacy Episode III for eventful publishing, I came to realize not only how inseparable my stages of consciousness are but the meaning of compassion so divergent from the ways of this lower world.

A part of me wants to cross that deterring selfish barrier and share infinity with the Light, but I struggle with unconscious forces long possessive of the heart. My nature has spoken in two tongues, the essence of inner reality set against the weight of recessive milliads, igniting a personal clash of ages, the battle of Armageddon, not for judgment but reason in the light of a mountain of inner conflict, for many battles rage within the id, the mountain of Megiddo, but one beam of light is all it takes to realize that what we fight for in the mind is of no consequence. Self argument and insecurity is not reason but escape, and the mighty sword of conflict can only incur carnage of the mind.

Let there then be light rather than conflict, for in each stroke of our mighty sword there comes further harmonic discord of the soul where there is no enemy, only possessive assurance, whence pain and great inner devastation comes.

Submitted by: Roberto on 10/16/2016

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