Black-bird I saw a black bird tormented by menacing spirit, carelessly diving and pecking at everyone it saw. It was a unique bird, there was no other like it, and it meant to harm as many that came within its realm. Taking it with my left hand, it tried to free itself any way possible, constantly pecking its razor-sharp beak upon my hand, but I would not release it. “Quick, put it in a cage,” someone suddenly said, but I searched long and arduously for one and found none. I looked for bags, boxes, envelops, furniture drawers, anything that could possibly contain this feisty bird, but it was futile.

Suddenly, a tiny bird came off from this bird and it meant to also hurt others, so I grabbed it with my right hand. But in seconds, it grew to full size and it too pecked painfully at my hand. Still, I found nowhere to cage both birds and tired of holding on to them. Immediately, both birds calmed down the moment I realized I didn’t have to secure them unto myself for it is not licit to deprive others of a lesson’s menace. Short and long term, I was not doing myself or anyone else a favor.

I thought about this dream all morning until I realized its meaning. The first bird was my past and the negative inclinations of this world, the second are my future lives, my grip on them is my consciousness struggling with “savior ego.” The bird’s menacing spirit will regenerate into my future and those I try to protect as long as I continue to “hoard,” hide it from myself, or deprive it from others for there is no hiding from frequency association until it is “recognized,” “admitted,” and “worked out.” No one can run from their problems for birds are not outside but in each of us, and thus will follow wherever we go—energy seeks its own kind, and level.

Possessing another soul to “protect” is more than sufficient evil unto itself. Don’t assume someone else’s birds for these seek someone to enslave and will bind unto you, they are contagious! Each soul must confront and overcome their own birds, learn to be strong, and decline their negative pecks. Let not fear be reason to hide, justify, or clarify actions, for we protect not the real us but the one we’re firmly grabbing (encasing) with our soul, the past, and should release for good. Don’t hold on to or protect birds, don’t “cage” them, let them roam to their ends but be not a part of what they do. If someone else is troubled by birds, remember: bird attacks are “survivable,” reincarnation is proof of that. Just remind stressed people about, “The Black Bird" 🙂

Submitted by: Roberto on 01/11/2016

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