My take on this is as follows, and I would love to hear from other students what their thoughts are.


While you are of the physical you must have balance.nature10

Each person is like the field that has been planted with a kernel of corn.

That kernel of corn symbolizes our spirit, and the field symbolizes our body.

Both body and spirit need tended equally well in order to flourish and produce a bountiful crop.

The grape too can be symbolized as a by product of our lives and what it has produced.

You must recognize or be aware that the physical body is the house or shell that hosts the true self, which is the spirit or psychic self of that person.

This spirit needs to be fed too, but not of the physical foods.  It needs the food of the Higher World energies, the Infinite from which sustains all life, the spirit.  For without those energies that spirit would die just as the physical body would cease to be without its proper nourishment.

If you tend or feed both body and spirit equally and well, you'll drink the sweetness of life.

Love and Light,


Submitted by: Lesley Heininger on 10/17/2013

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